Technical Specifications




Construction of Freedom began as part of the reconciliation process between the Trill and the Federation



Due to Freedom’s modular nature, the dimensions of each section vary. This is augmented by the fact that the base is still under construction

Warp Drive Systems



Impulse Drive Systems


While not equipped with impulse engines, Freedom is fitted with eight fusion reactors as its main power source. There are (micro-)fusion reactors inside individual modules, which serve as back-up for critical systems. Freedom is also fitted with RCS thrusters

Defensive Systems


  • Deflector Shields  

    • Type: Symmetrical oscillating subspace graviton field. Adaptive

    • 12 shield grids generating 140 mw (1 per module)

    • Power source: Main - Station Fusion Complex, Secondary - Module Fusion Reactor

    • Range: Varies Per Module

    • Purpose: Defence from enemy threat forces

  • Phasers   

    • 12x Type-12 Phasers

    • 12x Type-8 Phasers

    • 24x Class-3 Defensive

  • 2 Torpedo launchers – Maximum spread: 8

    • 200 Type-IX Photon Torpedoes

    • 100 Mark-XIV Quantum Torpedoes

Transporter Systems


8 personnel transporters, 6 cargo units and 6 emergency units. (The emergency units are only capable of beaming people out. They are designed to deliver people to the surface of the nearest habitable planet.)

Crew Information


Due to the fact that Freedom is not complete, these are preliminary numbers:

127 Officers, 381 Enlisted. VIP capacity: 18

Construction Notes


Module One was constructed by Starfleet, Federation means the module was (partially/jointly) constructed by a civilian Federation agency/company. Module Three is joined project. (The same was Normandy SR-1 was a joined venture between the Alliance and the Turians.)

"This all seems like a waste, I mean everything, maybe even rebuilding the federation.” Kaz wasn’t actually talking to anyone just thinking out loud. “All this death, these people are suffering and can we even make a difference by being here.”, Kaz generally didn’t have such a negative outlook on things but the last few months had been taxing and he had started to second guess all his life choices.

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