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Two Ships, Two Crews, One Mission

The ships of the Star Trek : Freedom fleet each hold on average about 14 people, all of them working together under the watchful eye of their Commanding Officer and First Officer. Although the CO will be in overall charge, the entire crew work together on their mission, each as important as the other, adding their part of the storyline as they go.

Status Reports for July 2021

USS Illuminar

Stardate: 2446.02.09

(USS Illuminar – Deck 1 - Bridge - CO - Captain Sekal - 1900)

The Captain was manning the bridge as his command crew was taking a respite. Sienna needed time to recuperate from her injury and the long day and Lieutenant Gregory was going to be taking a shorter tour this evening due to being on hand during the battle and the boarding of the Kang. He activated the log.

"Captain's log. Twenty four, forty six, zero two, zero nine.

Arrival at Sigma Draconis Six proceeded as expected for the most part. A facility on the surface was found from which marauders were launched while the Tolliver and Hades dealt with other threats in the system. A communication with the Controller precipitated myself, Lieutenant T'Mur, security officer Galk and Cadet Surkal being removed from the ship by a transporter far advanced beyond our own.

While the Controller was determined to hold us until such time as we could be summoned we forced our way from the cells it had incarcerated us in. Imprisoning StarFleet officers, one of which was armed was an illogical and ultimately doomed gesture. At a subsequent meeting with the Controller we presented evidence that it was indeed harboring a smuggling operation on the planet and I was able to come to terms with her, there will be no interference while we take down the marauders in the facility and dismantle their infrastructure.

The Illuminar was not only attacked by three marauder vessels during this time but by a cloaked Klingon cruiser manned by a mixed crew consisting of pirates. How they gained access to this cruiser has yet to be determined. The Hades commanded by Admiral Saleke intervened, took down the cruiser and scattered the pirate vessels, one was destroyed. Of the eight pirate vessels in the system three were destroyed, the Kang boarded and four escaped.

Their shield penetrating missiles were ineffective during the battle as the defensive measures put in place by the StarFleet ships were proven adequate.

The cloak from the Kang which was transferred to the Illuminar is being studied and will be integrated after I have had the time to insure it will work efficiently.

We will invade the surface facility tomorrow. If it proves to be too difficult a target I will destroy it from orbit. I have already arranged for shipments of materials for the natives and some contact with the Federation.

The Kang will be towed back to Mars where its final disposition it will be decided

End log."

He took the padd from the yeoman and looked it over carefully before approving the requisition and returning it to her. There was going to be a lot to do tomorrow, some of which he was unaware and would change the long term command structure which he oversaw.

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USS Exeter

Stardate: 2446.03.01

(USS Exeter - Ready Room - CO, Captain Trip Williams - 00750)

Trip sat at his desk drinking his morning tea. It was a black tea, with milk, sugar and honey. Of course it could rightly be said it was more honey with tea, milk, and sugar. They had been out
operating at warp 8.5 for the last two weeks on route to the planet Vandalos. They could have gotten there much quicker with the Quantum Slipstream drive, but given what they had been through as a crew, he thought it would be best to take the long route. One because they were not expected any earlier than their current Stardate and two because there was something about going through the routine to ease oneself back into the swing of things. It would take some

“Begin Captain’s log.” Trip said after taking a sip from his tea.


“Captain’s log Stardate 2446.03.01. It has been two months since the Exeter was, for lack of a better term, kidnapped by the member of the Q continuum calling herself Quella. She feared for our lives apparently and thought she could keep us safe by placing us in a pocket dimension. She altered our lives, our realities. She made us a world in which we were just actors and our real lives were just, well we were stars of a TV show based on our exploits. She did this because…well she grew fond of us, of me, I guess. Then to prove we could handle whatever we faced, she put the entire crew through a period of trials, where she purposefully failed us.

Instead I gave myself up as her prisoner, so that my crew could be free. It was better to face the danger head on then to be prisoners of some Canadian based pocket prison. It was there where we found ourselves in the Andromeda galaxy. I guess in Quella’s mind, if we were going to be foolish, she would put us in an area of space where we would cause the least amount of damage. It was there where our multidimensional hitchhiker made her move. While we thought that the Empress was
Maxine Green, in truth, she was hiding her consciousness in the body of our Medical Intern Lana Wakeman. The Empress used nanintes to control the majority of the crew. The mutiny caused a lot of emotional, psychological, and physical damage to everyone involved. Some crew even lost their lives in the struggle. The Empress ended up being the alternate reality version of the mother of my first officer.

After we stopped her, we were able to erase all vestiges of the Empress from Lana Wakeman’s consciousness, in hopes that while the consciousness of the original Lana was lost forever, Lana could at least find some version of rebirth and peace. Whatever peace you can find when you have undercover starfleet operatives secretly watching you. The incident also caused my former Chief Tactical Officer and my former Flight Squadron XO, Lt. Commander Ravok Shara, to lose himself to his fear and anger. After Quella returned us to the Sol System, Ravok attempted to leave with another officer, Lt. Cade Blackwell. I tried to reason with him, but instead Ravok slit Cade’s throat, stabbed me in the abdomen and fled. I had hoped he would wake up, but instead he was beset upon by pirates and was murdered and killed by them.

So now after some time of rest and recovery, we find ourselves headed to the planet Vandalos. The Vandalosian people made first contact with the Federation in 2420. The Vandalosians are seeking to apply to become a federation protectorate and a candidate for future membership. We bring with us Ambassador Travis Mercer. He will be overseeing the signing of the agreement and we are going as escorts. It should hopefully be a low key assignment, with a week filled with tourism, eating the local fare, relaxation, and easing ourselves back into the flow after a rather hectic beginning to this year. End Log.”


Trip then stood up and made his way to the bridge.

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"Serving in Starfleet is an incredible thing to do. A starbase is huge and you never know who's coming, but a starship is the great adventure. You'll go places no one has been and see things no one has seen. Being part of that is worth sacrificing who and what others expect you to be."

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