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Two Ships, Two Crews, One Mission

The ships of the Star Trek : Freedom fleet each hold on average about 14 people, all of them working together under the watchful eye of their Commanding Officer and First Officer. Although the CO will be in overall charge, the entire crew work together on their mission, each as important as the other, adding their part of the storyline as they go.

Status Reports

USS Illuminar

"Computer, Captain's log, stardate twenty four, forty six, zero six, zero three."

 "The ship is one hour from the targeted solar system that the Ixtal was surveying, due to the classified nature of the mission there will be no discussion of it in this log, all data uncovered will be reported directly to StarFleet Command."

"I have received reports from Lieutenant Galk who has taken over the Klingon Imperial House that he is consolidating assets and exerting control, an uprising within his ranks having been quelled. While his actions, which were internal to the Klingon Empire were not sanctioned by the Federation the result of this factional struggle would appear to be in our favor. Lieutenant Trei, having been presented the remnants of the House of Mogh is also aboard. I have requested a ruling from the diplomatic corps on how to proceed on that front. I have also received a dispatch from Command on the promotion request for Lieutenant Trei and will deal with that matter directly. The diplomatic mission to Qo'nos was an unparalleled success which was greatly assisted by the actions of the two officers."

He took a drink from the glass near at hand before continuing.

"Ambassador Mias and his wife Michaella Kirien left the ship while at Earth and one of my officers failed to return to the ship from Romulan space, his dereliction of duty has been noted and duly reported."

That one was an enigma.

"I have promoted Ensigns Khatri and Ssvresh to assistant to their department heads due to their diligence and exemplary performance. The ship was fully repaired at Starbase one and there are no issues of note. Commander Verin has returned to light duty. End log."

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USS Hades

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"Serving in Starfleet is an incredible thing to do. A starbase is huge and you never know who's coming, but a starship is the great adventure. You'll go places no one has been and see things no one has seen. Being part of that is worth sacrificing who and what others expect you to be."

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