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“The year is 2445, and the Federation has lost its way, having spent more than 20 years hiding from the unknown, ignoring its charter, several member worlds have left, the fleet is not what it once was and its a dark, unpredictable time. Over a third of the Federation has been lost but a new president, Stiave Atremi together with a Starfleet Admiral with a chequered past have vowed to return Starfleet to its original charter, to return to exploration, to not be afraid of change, to stand up for its beliefs and to turn back the night."


Welcome to the labour of love that is Star Trek: Freedom, a free Play by email (PBeM) game set in the 25th century. Since 1997, a group of highly dedicated people have worked, played and had fun with this genre and style but with many other email games ending, we’re attempting to reboot our game, refresh it and take it into the new Star Trek era that has arrived. With the arrival of the latest TV shows, we have the opportunity to update and restart our game, to add in the new concepts we’ve seen in ST: Discovery and ST: Picard. We intend to have fun together as we explore this new universe.

Everyone is welcome, and you do not need to know how to write, how to spell or too much about Star Trek. If you like the idea of writing with other people, to develop your vision and your impressions of Star Trek, consider joining us today.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Anthony Keen, April 2021
Admiral Remae Ktell

Status Reports for July 2021

USS Illuminar

Stardate: 2446.02.09

(USS Illuminar – Deck 1 - Bridge - CO - Captain Sekal - 1900)

The Captain was manning the bridge as his command crew was taking a respite. Sienna needed time to recuperate from her injury and the long day and Lieutenant Gregory was going to be taking a shorter tour this evening due to being on hand during the battle and the boarding of the Kang. He activated the log.

"Captain's log. Twenty four, forty six, zero two, zero nine.

Arrival at Sigma Draconis Six proceeded as expected for the most part. A facility on the surface was found from which marauders were launched while the Tolliver and Hades dealt with other threats in the system. A communication with the Controller precipitated myself, Lieutenant T'Mur, security officer Galk and Cadet Surkal being removed from the ship by a transporter far advanced beyond our own.

While the Controller was determined to hold us until such time as we could be summoned we forced our way from the cells it had incarcerated us in. Imprisoning StarFleet officers, one of which was armed was an illogical and ultimately doomed gesture. At a subsequent meeting with the Controller we presented evidence that it was indeed harboring a smuggling operation on the planet and I was able to come to terms with her, there will be no interference while we take down the marauders in the facility and dismantle their infrastructure.

The Illuminar was not only attacked by three marauder vessels during this time but by a cloaked Klingon cruiser manned by a mixed crew consisting of pirates. How they gained access to this cruiser has yet to be determined. The Hades commanded by Admiral Saleke intervened, took down the cruiser and scattered the pirate vessels, one was destroyed. Of the eight pirate vessels in the system three were destroyed, the Kang boarded and four escaped.

Their shield penetrating missiles were ineffective during the battle as the defensive measures put in place by the StarFleet ships were proven adequate.

The cloak from the Kang which was transferred to the Illuminar is being studied and will be integrated after I have had the time to insure it will work efficiently.

We will invade the surface facility tomorrow. If it proves to be too difficult a target I will destroy it from orbit. I have already arranged for shipments of materials for the natives and some contact with the Federation.

The Kang will be towed back to Mars where its final disposition it will be decided

End log."

He took the padd from the yeoman and looked it over carefully before approving the requisition and returning it to her. There was going to be a lot to do tomorrow, some of which he was unaware and would change the long term command structure which he oversaw.

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USS Exeter

Stardate: 2446.01.03

(USS Exeter - Captain’s Ready Room - aCO Cmdr Ailynn Bracken - 0200)

 Ailynn sighed reflectively as she stood by the window, staring into the expanse of the infinite that opened up in front of her. It was these moments, she realised, that she was at her most calm, there were no stresses, no distractions, almost nothing lay between her and the boundlessness of deepest space. With a sigh, she turned away and sat down at the desk, suddenly feeling somehow smaller, and tapped a button that would begin a recording in the log.

“Captain’s log, estimated stardate 2446.01.03. We have finally managed to return to the Exeter, to say that the events of the last couple of days have been eventful is, as they say, rather an understatement. As I sit here I can only commend all who sail aboard this fine ship of ours, for they have shown a strength of character and fortitude of soul that belies their inexperience. 

However, I can allow no solace, I can broker no rest; I am now all too aware of how much we don’t know. I don’t know where we are, I don’t even know when we are. The ship's computer has no reference point for neither time nor location, so we are back to basics. I have the entirety of our officers and enlisted crew working fully to solve what seems a puzzle, boxed up in a conundrum, and wrapped in an enigma. 

Captain Williams is lost; not returned to us following the Trials of Quella. It is the most painful thing I have had to do so far in the Fleet, but I have to assume Command of the USS Exeter, prophets forgive me. I know we will once again stroll the corridors of HQ, the promenade of DS9 and the beaches on Risa, I know this because my mind will not allow any other consideration or possibility, and if all else fails; I will tear this universe apart with my bare hands to get my crew back home.  

End log.”

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