Gabriel  Vesper

Ensign Gabriel Vesper (Human/Bajoran)
(Chief Medical Officer, USS Exeter)

“The year is 2445, and the Federation has lost its way, having spent more than 20 years hiding from the unknown, ignoring its charter, several member worlds have left, the fleet is not what it once was and its a dark, unpredictable time. Over a third of the Federation has been lost but a new president, Stiave Atremi together with a Starfleet Admiral with a chequered past have vowed to return Starfleet to its original charter, to return to exploration, to not be afraid of change, to stand up for its beliefs and to turn back the night."


Welcome to the labour of love that is Star Trek: Freedom, a free Play by email (PBeM) game set in the 25th century. Since 1997, a group of highly dedicated people have worked, played and had fun with this genre and style but with many other email games ending, we’re attempting to reboot our game, refresh it and take it into the new Star Trek era that has arrived. With the arrival of the latest TV shows, we have the opportunity to update and restart our game, to add in the new concepts we’ve seen in ST: Discovery and ST: Picard. We intend to have fun together as we explore this new universe.

Everyone is welcome, and you do not need to know how to write, how to spell or too much about Star Trek. If you like the idea of writing with other people, to develop your vision and your impressions of Star Trek, consider joining us today.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Anthony Keen, November 2019
Admiral Remae Ktell

Status Reports for June 1st 2020

USS Illuminar

Captain's log. Twenty four, forty five, zero nine, zero one. Lieutenant Commander Sekal reporting.

Departure from dock proceeded smoothly and both ships are under way. Illuminar is scheduled to enter warp in five minutes after clearing the gravity well of Jupiter

All systems are showing green and the officers and crew have performed flawlessly. The command crew is well acquainted and working together in concert and I foresee no issues arising.

Both Lieutenant Verin and Lieutenant Peters are fine officers and will command their own ships in the future, for now they are an extension of my reach and a complement to my team.

Lieutenant Solice is bringing her department together like the professional I anticipated and Stennin and Alyl will be an outstanding science team. Ensign Taya is well versed in the new technology we designed into the ship and with the addition of a veteran like Chief Tamblyn

In operations this ship is well staffed.

The Illuminar is one of two ships that has been sent to Bajor as a diplomatic show of solidarity to the Bajoran people and a reassurance that they have not been abandoned.

We will help in any way needed, we will serve our purpose as the extended hand of the Federation and we will fulfill our commission wherever StarFleet sends us.

This is the commission of the officers and crew of the USS Illuminar. To serve the Federation to the limit of our abilities, to seek peace wherever we are sent while being prepared for war and to bring light wherever we go as the ship's name signifies."

End log."

USS Exeter

"Computer, begin recording personal log."


"Captain's log, Stardate 2245.09.01 . The fateful day has finally arrived. The dreams of so many coming to fruition as the Exeter and the Illuminar prepare for their official departures from Mars. I'm not gonna lie, but I am nervous. Like the kind of nervous you get in the dream where its finals time and you are about to take an exam for a class you didn't even know you were enrolled in. But I guess that is good right. This is a new dawn, a new tomorrow for Starfleet, for the Federation. It is time for us to renew those bonds of the Federation throughout the Alpha Quadrant and begin to heal the wounds of decades of disappointment.

There seems to be a large gathering of ships outside of old friends and new. Trill have sent some ships, as did the Andorians. Our Federation brothers and sisters from Vulcan, Tellar, and Cardassia are also present. My hope is that in time the Andorians return to the fold and that the reintroduction of Trill to the Federation continues smoothly.

Our current mission is taking us to Bajor, a key peace of the Federation Puzzle. Deep Space Nine could use some relieve and reinforcing our position around the Bajoran wormhole. But with reports of unrest on Bajor, it makes our presence there all the more important. I don't know what two ships will be able to, but rumors have it that the Republic won't be too far behind. Still, whatever we enocunter, I know my crew and I will be able to handle it. We may be young, but we are hungry and ready to prove ourselves. As long as we keep our heads cool, remember our training, and heed the council of our NCO's whose experience is invaluable, we should be able to handle any thing thrown our way.

My Dad's dream is alive in this ship. My dream is alive in this ship. Every captain needs a phrase, such as punch it, or engage, and so on. What will mine be. Let's hit, do it. Don't know. But all I know is that this ship is ready to rock and roll.

Computer end recording."


Welcome to our latest members: Adam P, Norman Strong, Tim Bushnell, Tim Lumsden, John TSang, we currently have 26 Player Characters and 93 Special Player Characters.

Together, we completed 572 posts in June 2020.

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