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Commodore Remae Ktell (Bajoran)
(Commanding Officer, Mars)

“The year is 2445, and the Federation has lost its way, having spent more than 20 years hiding from the unknown, ignoring its charter, several member worlds have left, the fleet is not what it once was and its a dark, unpredictable time. Over a third of the Federation has been lost but a new president, Stiave Atremi together with a Starfleet Admiral with a chequered past have vowed to return Starfleet to its original charter, to return to exploration, to not be afraid of change, to stand up for its beliefs and to turn back the night."


Welcome to the labour of love that is Star Trek: Freedom, a free Play by email (PBeM) game set in the 25th century. Since 1997, a group of highly dedicated people have worked, played and had fun with this genre and style but with many other email games ending, we’re attempting to reboot our game, refresh it and take it into the new Star Trek era that has arrived. With the arrival of the latest TV shows, we have the opportunity to update and restart our game, to add in the new concepts we’ve seen in ST: Discovery and ST: Picard. We intend to have fun together as we explore this new universe.

Everyone is welcome, and you do not need to know how to write, how to spell or too much about Star Trek. If you like the idea of writing with other people, to develop your vision and your impressions of Star Trek, consider joining us today.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Anthony Keen, April 2021
Admiral Remae Ktell

Status Reports for April 2021

USS Illuminar

Stardate: 2445.10.29

(Vulcan - ShiKahr- Nivar Suites– CO - Captain Sekal- 1850)

The Vulcan moved to the terminal in his room and used it to hail the ship. The Operations officer on duty routed the communication to the main computer bank and he used his command codes to "harden" the transmission. With a secure channel insured he began speaking.

"Captains log twenty four, forty five, ten, twenty nine. Captain Sekal speaking.

The diplomatic mission to Kal'Shar had to be halted due to unforseen difficulties arising from an internal sect of the Sharlayan natives contaminated before the ship's departure by another race. Their true motives are unknown however it was at their suggestion the generation ships be dispatched to the targeted world before their own was destroyed. The contamination caused a schism between the Keepers and the group calling themselves the 'True Sharlayans'. This latter group worships that unknown alien species.

The world targeted as their destination has been rendered uninhabitable in the intervening centuries and before they can be routed to the world chosen for them the two groups must be willing to deal equitably with one another and coexist peacefully. To this end Ambassador Mias has remained on Kal'Shar while the USS Tolliver has taken up station with the generation ship. The repairs to their systems had been completed and supplies from Bajor have insured the colonists survival.

The Illuminar rerouted to Vulcan to attend to the needs of one of my crew who is suffering from a pre-existing condition worsened by exposure to the radiation from the ships damaged reactor which has since been replaced. The crew has been rotating down to the planet for shore leave.

Once the treatment is completed the Illuminar will be continuing to her next assigned mission. I expect that at some point we will be recalled to Kal'Shar to continue the diplomatic mission there.

End Log."

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(Posted by Charles G)

USS Exeter

Stardate: 2445.12.31

(USS Exeter - Ready Room-CO, Captain Trip Williams - 1300)

Trip sat in his office. He had enjoyed his R&R on Risa, but he needed to get back to some paperwork. They would be departing Risa in two days, and he needed to make sure that the ship was supplied and ready to go. The life of a Captain wasn't boring, but it was also filled with tedious paperwork. He figured that it was a good time to record a log. He hadn't done one of those in a while.

"Computer begin recording. Captain's log, Stardate 2445.12.31. Here we are, we've reached the end of the year. I've been Captain of the Exeter for four months now and it has been the adventure of a lifetime. Not a day goes by that I am not honored or grateful for the fact that I serve as the youngest captain in Starfleet. Though sometimes it is clear to me that I wish I had more seasoning.

I also feel bad for my crew. They are for the most part just as inexperienced as I am. And to tell the truth, they've been through the ringer. The ordeal with the Cult of the Pah Wraith, with members of my crew being kidnapped, one of my medical officers sacrificing his life for my FO, having to chase them to the Gamma's been, well that was surely a baptism by fire. Since then things had been calmer. Well until the Maxine incident. Members of my crew were tortured and killed. And to certain classified realities, all the know is that one of their own, their family, went rogue and on a rampage as if she were a comic book villain. The R&R on Risa couldn't have come at a better time.

I hope that my crew was able to use this time to refocus and relax. Of course looking at all the new coupling paperwork coming in, I think some of them had a better time then others. Still I hope they got what they needed out of this shore leave, and I hope they are ready to brave into the great unknown, and by that I mean 2446. Our orders are to go from here, to do some star charting near the Klingon Border. Should be fun and relaxing. I think they can use something mundane for a change. Lord knows I can. Either way, she's a fine crew and a fine ship. Dum Spiro, Spero. While I breathe, I hope. And the Exeter makes me feel alive, fills me with hope. End Log."

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