Technical Specifications







Length : 375 Meters

Crew : 400

Decks :

Warp Drive Systems


Warp Reactor Type :

Maximum Velocity : 9.96

Maximum Cruising Velocity : Unknown

Impulse Drive Systems


Maximum Impulse Velocity : 0.75 Speed of Light

Maximum Standard Impulse Velocity : 0.25 Speed of Light

Defensive Systems


2 fore photon torpedo launchers 

3 aft photon torpedo launcher

1 swivel photon torpedo launcher

1  aft quantum torpedo launcher 

2 fore quantum torpedo launcher

10 type XV phaser arrays

2 dark matter phaser arrays (antimateriel)

Transporter Systems


Personnel : 6

Cargo : 4

Emergency : 6

Crew Information


Officers :

Crew :

Evacuation Capacity :

Heinrich waved his scruffy brown hair out of his eyes and found himself in a 20th century style jail cell. Across from him was another cell, occupied by Trinity Frost. The only other entity in the room was a man in an all black starfleet uniform. He saw him shake his head. “Interesting…” the entity said. He had no idea what was going on. Just a few moments ago he was on set, now he’s in a cell. Though, in some way, it was really no different. He began to suspect that this entity had something to do with the simulation. He was somewhat exhilerated by this realization, but he was also overcome with shock. All he could manage was a feeble, “What?”

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