SPC Biography for Jericho 'Jack' Haynes, a Male Human aged 29

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SPC Character Physical Description






225 IBS



Dark Brown






6 foot 5




Jericho is tall and solidly built, muscular in a lean, hard edged way; athletic rather than a body-builders physique. His face is slightly oval with a thick head of dark hair, a strong chin and non-descript nose

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Married to Shilae Holland at age 19, highly accomplished athlete. Won silver medal at Mars olympics

Family and Background


Jack is one of those whom the civil war has wounded markedly as his wife and two small children were casualties of an attack by Doenitz forces during the crackdown on dissent that caused the 52nd fleet to ramp up hostilities. His family was living on Andoria during the time of his service on the USS Belmont. Owing to having his wife and children ripped from him he is frequently given to fits of melancholia, throwing himself into his work during those periods helps him keep his focus and continue moving, without it is likely he would lock himself in his cabin for days. Jack keeps momentos from his marriage among his baggage and is only too happy to show them if asked though the emotional toll can be considerable. Dur to circumstances surrounding the mission "The Sphere of Terror" he underwent a spce induced form of emotional catharsis which has finally closed the open psychic link which has been torturing him since his wife's death and can finally move forward with his life.



Mars Institute of science and technology. Specializations in particle physics, stellar cartography and volcanology. (The study of Pyroclastic formations and flow, planetary developement and aging.) Graduated with honors, was studying advanced xenobiology and its application; practical and theoretical before the loss of his wife and children.

Medical History


Allergic to Ritallin and the stimulant Loritan. Is fit and in good health. Prone to mood swings.



Noted in education, capable with all starfleet scientific equipment. Also speaks Andorian fluently and is conversant in Klingonese.



Easy to work with when at his best, when he's emotionally down though he can be a bit of a pain to be around.



Likes athletic training when he is mentally up for the grind and has time between researches. Enjoys reading and every once in a while will fire up the holodeck for a getaway trip or to return to old places where he and the family lived. Refuses to simulate them though, would feel as though he was desecrating their memory.

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