SPC Biography for Dale Bracken, a Female Human aged 32

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SPC Character Physical Description












Pale tan







Of generally average height, Dale is of a medium build.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Dir. Aerospace Command

Family and Background


Dale's Mother who was a marine was seemingly trajically killed whilst the ship on which she served suffered a hull breach in 2390, when Dale was just seven years old. Her father, who was an MCPO aboard the same ship, remained in service for a few years, though resigned in 2395, taking up a friends offer of work with a stellar research institute.



Double major with hons, one in Astrophysics, specialising in Stellar Evolution, the second in Stellar Chemistry. After being Medically removed from Starfleet, Dale gained a PhD in Astrophysics, specifically in the evolution of Types I and II Neutron stars.

Medical History


Appendectomy Scar - An Old Earth medical procedure, long since discontinued due to safer alternatives. It was used on her under emergency circumstances, as no other alternative was available at the time. The ship that Dale's parents served on board had suffered a hull breach near the medical unit (cross ref. Apparently killing her mother), and her appendix was on the verge of bursting. The Ship's Doctor therefore had no choice but to perform this procedure, leaving what Dale self-mockingly terms as ''my ugly little scar''. Cosmetic surgery to remove the scar is obviously possible, which Dale gently resists and says that she will get round to when she gets a minute. She also has a copy of her deceased Mother's Marine unit tattoo on her left shoulder blade. Captain Bracken Died Stardate 2418 8.19 as a result of untreatable Hypercerebrocortical Nectrotic Syndrome. Given only a little over a month to live, as a result of her daughter Aimee's actions she managed to survive 4 whole months before succumbing. She leaves her daughter and parents surviving her.



Dale's work with the Institute helped her beyond measure at the academy, coming out in the top 2 percent of her class. An exceptionally intelligent woman, calm in a crisis. Adept with the ancient English Longbow and quarterstaff.



Following severe brain trauma at least twice in the line of duty, it is recommended to any CMO that Dale serves with should monitor Dale on a much more regular period than is normal. Primarily to check for a reoccurrence of a sub-dural haematoma that was sustained by a sharp blow to the head. Secondly, to monitor the affects of Telepathic scarring folowing her treatment under the hands of Fleet Intel. In addition to Dale's Personal History, it seems that Her mother was incorrectly listed as deceased, Fleet Intel reminds us that she was in fact MIA, and has made a reappearance, being recalled to active duty under the rank of Marine 2L, formerly Marine XO on the Dennison and Mithrandir, whereabouts currently classified. DECEASED ON INACTIVE DUTY



Though infrequently, Dale can be prone to seriously overworking herself, She can allow a problem to completely encompass her, hardly resting or eating properly. That said for the most part she is a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl. Dale enjoys mountain walking and climbing, as well as developing a liking for 'adrenaline rich' activities such as orbital jumps. This, Dale deems, is down to her mother's Marine influence. Also very interested in medieval warfare.

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