Mars Base - Security and Tactical Department

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Ground Floor

Small Arms Locker

Seventh Floor

Security & Tactical Command and Control Centre, Security Chief Office, Tactical Chief Office, Security & Tactical Offices 1 - 4 (Senior Officers), Holding Brigg and Interview Room 1 - 4

Security Services Complex

Basement Level 3

Brigg Tier 3 (10 Holding Cells and amenities) Max Level Security

Basement Level 2

Brigg Tier 2 (35 Holding Cells and amenities) Extra Security Precautions

Basement Level 1

Brigg Tier 1 (50 Holding Cells and amenities) Run of the Mill Cells

Ground Level

Security Reception, Cafeteria/Restaurant, Interview Rooms 1a - 1d, Small Arms Locker 1 - 4, Large Arms Locker 1, First Aid Station, Land Vehicle Garage, Entrance to Underground Tunnel Network

Second Floor

Main Security Offices, Main Tactical Offices, Intelligence Liaison Office, Interview Rooms 2a - 2p, Small Arms Locker 5 - 9

Third Floor

Secondary Security Offices, Secondary Tactical Offices, Interview Rooms 3a - 3p, Conference Centre (Daily Briefings), Holodecks 1 - 5, Small Arms Locker 9 - 10

Forth Floor

Civilian Contractor Quarters, Holodecks 6 - 9, Gymnasium & Swimming Pool, Smalls Arms Locker 11 - 13

Fifth Floor

Security & Tactical Personnel Quarters, Holodeck 10 & 11

Sixth Floor

Security & Tactical Personnel Quarters, Holodeck 12 & 13

Seventh Floor

Senior Security/Tactical Officer Personnel Quarters, Junior Security/Tactical Officer Personnel Quarters, Holodeck 14

Eight Floor

Senior & Junior Security/Tactical Offices, Chief of Security Office, Chief of Tactical Office, Chief of Intelligence Office, Administrative Office, Interview Rooms 8a - 8f, Small Arms Locker 13 - 15


Shuttle Pad

"Mars?" Keira said... "Starfleet wouldn't have accomplished anything without the Engineers, Technicians and Operations that put it all together. Rebuilding Utopia Planitia, a base on Mars itself, refitting an old Akira Class, the Mystique, an Oddyssy Class, the Republic and building two top of the line ships, the Illuminar and the Exeter, all thanks to the Engineers."- Excerpt from an Interview with Lt. Cmdr. Keira Merek 2O/CEO, USS Exeter. Stardate: 2446.01.29

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