Mars Base - Pilot Department

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1st Fighter Wing Complex

Chief Flight Officer, Ire Williams, again demostrates his landing skills to his fellow pilots!

The 1st fighter wing is massive, from above it looks like a giant wheel, with the main fighter wing complex in the center. The hangars branch off from the main fighter wing complex building.

It contains 7 large hangars, each hangar is the size of a large sports stadium. Each squadron has their own hangar.

M01 - Hangar 1
M02 - Hanger 2
M03 - Hanger 3
M04 - Hangar 4
SR01 - Hangar 6

Routine maintenance can be performed in each hanger. Any significant repair will be done in the Specially assigned Engineering hanger known as hangar 5.

Hanger 7 is currently unoccupied

Each occupied hangar bay contains a squadron meeting room and Squad leaders office. It also includes a maintenance and technician workshop. Each hangar also contains a small barracks room for people to rest while on standby. Each hangar contains an underground, highly secured storage bunker for all torpedoes. A working transporter pad is in every Hangar as well.

There is a large meeting room in the center of the 1st fighter wing complex ,reserved for important meetings. FSCO office is located there as well. There is a pilots lounge exclusive to members of the 1st fighter wing. Equipped with game tables and comfy couches and a bar with working replicators.The main fighter wing building also contains living quarters for fighter wing members who wish to live closer to where they work. The building is 3 floors high.

First Floor

Main Fighter wing meeting room, pilots lounge, Transporter rooms 1 and 2, mess hall, Security substation, the FSCO's office and Fighter wing command center and the Fighter Wing's security encrypted primary and secondary Computer Cores. ( access to the fighter wing computer cores requires 3 levels of security authorization clearances. Level one and two each require their own complex code and level 3 requires voice authorizations from the FSCO,
FSXO, and FS2O)

Second Floor

Holodeck 1 and 2 for simulations, officer living quarters, examination rooms for use during evaluations if needed. Transporter room 3 ,and Common room area.

Third Floor

Support staff offices, gymnasium, secondary mess hall, and living quarters for support staff and holosuites 1-6. The fighter wing even has its own functioning EMH network.

"Mars?" Keira said... "Starfleet wouldn't have accomplished anything without the Engineers, Technicians and Operations that put it all together. Rebuilding Utopia Planitia, a base on Mars itself, refitting an old Akira Class, the Mystique, an Oddyssy Class, the Republic and building two top of the line ships, the Illuminar and the Exeter, all thanks to the Engineers."- Excerpt from an Interview with Lt. Cmdr. Keira Merek 2O/CEO, USS Exeter. Stardate: 2446.01.29

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