Mars Base - Duty Stations

Mars contains facilities for pilots, research, science, medical, security, tactical, engineering, shipyards and operations. All departments are expected to contribute to the contruction of ships, lending their expertise to each new vessel.

Duty Station Name


Duty Station Description

Operations Command and Control


This is the command centre for all operations in the area. A starbase in orbit of Mars maintains the facilities for all administration all the Martian operations.

Medical Facilities


The medical facilities are located on the surface of Mars, capable of treating large numbers of patients, including offices, personal quarters, counselling suites, medical research and training areas.

Science Facilities


The science facilities are located on the surface of Mars, scientific research, experimentation, testing and training.

Tactical and Security Facilities


The tactical and security facilities are spread out across upon all facilities of Mars. The surface facilities contain training areas

Engineering and Shipyards


Engineering teams work on the shipyards, to either construct or repair ships. They also are responsible for the upkeep of all sections within Martian space.

Pilot Training Grounds


Pilots protect the area, flying sorties around Mars and around Sector 001. The Pilot division compromise the new Mars Defence Perimeter.

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