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6 foot 1




He has dark brown hair that he likes to keep short, and is normally clean shaven, but likes to have some stubble, when he feels like it suits him. Will is a sturdy looking guy. Some what tall, muscular, and buffish, while at the same time not looking to big or overweight. Has short brown hair, and is naturally tanned.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Judge Advocate General

Family and Background


William Santiago Alexander Gonzalez was born on a Starfleet Marine Research base in Rota, Spain on Stardate 2380.04.26. His father served six years in starfleet then retired at the rank of Lt. He then became a lawyer. Will lived his entire life on earth along with his parents, and his younger siblings, John, David, and Elisa. He is the grandson of former Starfleet Admiral who died when will was 6 in 2386.

He lived a pretty normal and uneventful life. He wanted to be a lawyer before entering Starfleet academy. In fact he had taken that path and enrolled in the university of Oklahoma and obtained two degrees there. After graduation he decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy, deciding that becoming a Lawyer would be enjoyable, but decided that, it wasn't the best choice for him. At least not yet. He is still debating going into law after he finishes out the length of his duty as a starfleet officer.

His brother John and David are serving in Starfleet. All 3 siblings attended Major Universities before going to the academy because they wanted to make sure that is what they truly wanted to do. John graduated from Texas A&M university with a Pre-Med degree and David graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Interplanetary and Earth history. When they were little they all wanted to be starfleet officers, like there dad was, and most of their uncles on there mom's side of the family were. They would always make believe they were onboard ships and would play. But as they grew older those dreams seamed to fade. Will became more interested in business and managing things. He wanted to be an interplanetary business lawyer and work with other planets. Business and managemnet grew on him, as well as studying law. However his senior year at The University, while he was debating Starfleet or Law school, he didn't want to make a descion he would regret. Realizing he could always become a lawyer after finishing his service in Starfleet he thought he would pursue his dreams of traveling the stars.

His brothers also followed suit. The day Will entered Starfleet the three brothers made a pact they wouldall serve time in starfleet and but there careers on hold, serving in Starfleet to achieve there childhood dream and to protect the galaxy. John, knowing that with a medical degree from starfleet would allow him to practice privately when he was done serving entered as medical major. David an avid weapons collector, had planned all along to enter starfleet as a career and only got the degrees in history because history was one of his passions.

Will is of spanish(spain) and American descent. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, USA, but also lived in Florida, Mexico City, Mexico, and Hondruas mainly inpart to his dad's lawyer job that he took after being honorably discharged from Starfleet.

Will comes from a family of Starfleet officers. On his mothers side he has 10 uncles currently serving in Starfleet with about 3 of them in command of their own ship, 3 serving as first officers, 1 Chief of engineering, 1 Chief of Operations, 1 Chief Tactical officer, and 1 JAG. His grandfather on his mom's side was also a Starfleet Admiral before he died when Will was six. Will also has many cousins serving in Starfleet as well. On his fathers side, only his dad served in starfleet as a CONN officer and then later as a flight instructor at the Rota Base in Spain. Although his grandfather on his dad's side did serve as a politician on Earth, as well as the President of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. On his dad's side Will has no cousin's in starfleet, and his sister has no plans of entering into Starfleet.

Will wanted to become an Operations officer because he has a love for managing things and as well as making sure things run smoothly, thanks mainly because of his interested in Business admistration. He views running a Starship like running a business except with a lot more circuitry,technology, and the fact that it is a ship, he aslo belived that Of all the positions available for him he fealt the OPS position best suited who he was. He is also interested in a postion as a CONN officer because he is very interested in flight, and flying things and also because when he would play Starship with his brothers he would always be the pilot.
On Stardate 2417.10.18 Married Starfleet officer and member of Geneva counseling staff Rebecca Williams daughter of Vice Admiral and Academy Commanding Officer James Williams.



Starfleet Academy

Interplanetary Business and General Business Management Degree as well as an Aviation minor from the University of Oklahoma on Earth.

Jurist Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma on Earth through their outreach and correspondence program.

Medical History


Will doesn't get sick very often, excpet for the occasional cold and whatnot. He has never broken a bone, nor had any serious injury. Ordered to attend weekly counseling sessions to help deal with stress related to leaving Earth. Had slight depression and stress related with the Civil war that caused him to resign as First Officer of the Dennison.



He has a good understanding of business and interplanetary relations, trade and so on thanks to his degrees in those fields. He is also very skilled in the fields in which he trained at starfleet academy, especially piloting and transporter systems.



His two brothers are in Starfleet and are Lt. Commander John Alexander and Lt. SG David Alexander, both serving on ships throughout the fleet.



Will enjoys studying law, and keeping up with interplanetary business deals. He also enjoys watching old movies from the 21st century and studying 21st century sports, and then playing those sports in the holodecks. Played football for Highschool and University teams. Picked the guitar as a more serious hobby while serving as a JAG officer on Starbase Geneva.

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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