SPC Biography for Reena Dezza, a Female Trill aged 23

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SPC Character Physical Description






163 IBS









5 foot 11




Physical Description Reena is tall, her well toned body showing her life spent on the Tenaran ice cliffs of her birth. Her skin a lovely tan color from more time spent outdoors than with in the confines of buildings. With eyes a deep amber, she continuously looks out to the horizon. Wanting to case the next challenge or star.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Fighter Pilot

Family and Background


Family and Background Reena was born in the icy tundra of Trill. Her father a senator in the Trill government and her mother a ecologist studying the tundra and the ice cliffs. Reena is the youngest of four sisters and one brother. Her parents always wanting kids and loving the ideal of a large family. Raised on her family's manor just off the Tenaran ice cliffs Reena was always a bit of a tomboy preferring the wild cold artic air to the temperature controlled environment of the indoors. Normally found in this tundra Reena was molded by its icy cast. Prone to speaking her mind and getting into trouble for it. She is head strong and not willing to back down from what she feels is morally right.



Educational Background Reena studied at the Tenaran Music Academy where she received all her basic educational needs. Her wild spirit normally driving away from artistic or musical pursuits. She is still a good singer but more vastly more skilled with the Human developed ocarina. Reena's wanderlust eventually led her to leave home and join the Trill defense core which was developed after the Federation withdraw to offer limited protection to the planet. It was here her recklessness found home as she developed into a outstanding fighter pilot.

Medical History


Medical History: Reena is well above normal medical requirements do to how she lives. While she can be reckless she always takes great care of her person.



Skills and Abilities Profile Reena knows multiple forms of earth Kung-fu taught to her in hope that the kata's and meditation would help her learn to control her boundless energies. Also a skilled pilot she is known for pushing the boundaries for what is acceptable and what is just reckless. Reena is known to have an iron stomach pulling maneuvers that have lead to more than one instance of instructors not being able to handle some crazy maneuver she pulled out her hat.





Recreational Interests Running. Swimming, camping, climbing, she is a fan of basic survival techniques and practices primative survival whenever she can.

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