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dark blue



125 lbs









5 foot 3




Ansia Rozen had never been overly tall, topping out at just five feet five inches tall. Actually, she was the runt of the family that all exceeded six feet. She weighed in at only a hundred twenty five pounds sopping wet with black mid back length hair. As she had spent a lot of time outside practicing martial arts and keeping in touch with her ballet, she had a nice tan. In spite of her rigorous training and school, she had been able to keep a pleasing physical shape. Famly and Background[edit]

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Intel Officer

Family and Background


Ansia Rozen was born on July 24th 2381, near lake El-nar, Betazed where she was the last of three children, two brothers, Ron and Percy, before her. They had already moved out of the home by the time she was born. Thus, she was the only child at home during her growing up years. Their father, George, was a general government worker and their mother, Alina, was a school teacher. Ron went into government business like their dad and Percy became a school teacher like their mother. Her parents had forced her into a rigorous ballet training schedule which caused her not to have time for friends. Ansia trained and performed as a dancer throughout her teenage years until a serious knee injury forced her to take time to heal. She had been a premier ballerina until then. During the time of her healing she had found that martial arts was also a form of ballet with its Katas and such. It also became apparent that she was a natural as everything she tried was picked up fast. What she liked the most was training in hand to hand weapons and the fluid motion she could do with them. She had attained two top levels in the art before heading off to college. While in college she continued her training still focusing mainly on weapons. This training had taught her to control her aggression toward the other students that liked to pester her for her oddity. During her formative years, her parents noticed that Ansia had not started to develop her telepathic abilities as most kids her age. Their other two children were strong telepaths that started early, but, Ansia started later. She was taken to the doctors only to find out that her abilities needed more time and effort to develop. In other words, she would become telepathic, but, they had no idea why. The entire family line on both sides where very strong notable telepaths and never had any children in this predicament. While she grew up and aside from ballet training, the other kids ridiculed her and pestered her during her school years. She got into a lot of fights and was suspended a lot for them. During this time she found out that she had heightened mental abilities and could predict what her opponent was going to do and was able to counter it before they could move. She also found out that she was preternaturally dexterous and naturally skilled at fighting, which, using her ballet training, gave her an advantage. She had been allowed to go into martial arts to learn discipline that her parents had not been able to teach her. The serious knee injury stopped her participating in ballet was the result of one of her battles at school. Once she recovered she focused more on her ballet and the martial arts than fighting at school. She had become known for her fighting in the school, which, gave her parents headaches. She focused mainly on the weapons portion of the martial arts as she progressed. Ansia had started traning her telepathic abilities when she had time. This had also calmed her down some. Her mother had come under scrutiny for Ansia’s behavior because she was a school teacher at the same school. In her upper school years she decided to give them a break and used her telepathic training to help behave herself.



Betazoid College system from 2399-2403 Advance Martial arts (excellent) physic of the martial mind (excellent) Administration (excellent) control telepathic abilities (excellent) First year 2403-2404 Martial arts hand to hand and weapons (excellent) History-Federation (excellent) Federation Language (excellent) Law-Starfleet Regulations (excellent) Culture-Human (excellent) Personal Equipment (average) First year evaluation-concentrated mostly on the physical aspects Second year 2404-2405 Martial arts hand to hand and weapons (excellent) History-Cardassian (excellent) Cardassian Language (excellent) Planetside survival (medium) Culture-Cardassian (excellent) Energy Weapon-Phaser (average) Administration-Academic (excellent) Second year evaluation-Still focusing on the physical aspects, which, she is a natural. More trouble for fighting, not getting along with some of the other students, mainly telepathic ones. She seems to have an talent for languages. Third Year 2405-2406 Martial Arts hand to hand and weapons (above excellent) History-Vulcan (excellent) Vulcan-Language (excellent) Culture-Vulcan (excellent) Computer-Operations (above excellent) Shipboard Systems (medium) Administration-Star ship (excellent) Third year evaluation-there had been a discussion about not letting her attend Martial arts training because of her fighting, but, the decision was that since she excelled, she would be allowed. Another area that she has excelled in beside MA and Languages, was administration. Recommendation at this time to place her as capatains Yeoman in the Bridge systems specialist area. Fourth Year 2406-2407 Martial Arts hand to hand and weapons (Master) History-Klingon (excellent) Klingon-Language (excellent) Culture-Klingon (excellent) Computer-programming (above excellent) Vehicle Operations-shuttle (medium) Administration-Security (above excellent) Fourth Year Evaluation-It is the opinion of the staff that this cadet is officer material. She has a problem that requires some counseling for. But, on board ship, we still recommend being under the command of the Captain maybe as Bridge system specialist-Yeoman. Maybe the captian can tone down her temperment.

Medical History


During a particularly bad fight she had gotten into during her later years of high school, she had suffered a very bad knee injury that took six months to heal and then a year of rehabilitation. There had been more broken bones, sprains, abrasions and contusions, but, none were of that magnitude and healed up without problems.



Ansia Rozen is highly skilled in several styles of dance: Acrobatics, Gymnastics, ballet, Jazz... Martial arts to include Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mo tai Kickboxing and martial weapons... She is a very compotent bridge system specialist, Yeoman. She learns languages fairly fast and can speak/understand/write Cardassian, Klingon, and Vulcan with regular fluency.



Ansia Rozen graduated Starfleet Academy, but, at the time decided to enter into the Enlisted ranks. She has been assigned to the USS Nimitz as a bridge systems specialist as the captains yeoman. First Assignment: USS Nimitz NCC 75878-E[edit] Ansia Rozen was assign as yeoman to the captain Second Assignment: USS Templar NX 87651[edit] Ansia Rozen promoted to ensign and assign to communications. Ansia Rozen was promoted to Lieutenant jg. Third Assignment: USS Spectre NCC 8741[edit] Ansia Rosen assigned as communication Officer



Ansia loves to practice Phaser practice, Ballet, dance, martial art practice/ sparring, holonovels: ( fantasy, romance, medieval, etc.), Shopping ( Which girl doesn't ), Roaming the Ship in light flowing dresses in her off duty hours.

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