SPC Biography for Ohitika WEN , a female Lakota aged 25

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SPC Character Physical Description






130 lbs









5 foot 2




Ohitika is fine 5 foot 2 inches tall. Been tanned since she was a baby and grew to be well built for her short statue.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


she grew up in the western plains of the Dakotas.

Family and Background


Ohitika's Father, Brave Bear, a mixture of white, Indian, French, and Spanish(not chicano) and, her mother Little Bird was a Starfleet doctor. Being Iyeska which means half blood she got into a lot of fights in scool. She won most of them but was in a lot of trouble with the administrators.



Her formative years were educated in the tribal schools. She went on to tribal univeritiy. She studied the tribal medicines that her grand mother used for generations. Then she spent four years In the Dakota Collgege for medicine.

Medical History


Being a halfblood, Ohitika got into a lot of fights. In so doing she received numerous broken bones, cuts, abeasions through the years.



OHITIKA grew up watching and helping her grandmother preparing the different medicines that she used. She watched and helped as her grandmother healed the different tribe members. Soon she was her grandmothers assistant.



Ohitika honored family above all else.



Ohitika loved the martial arts, dancing, the performing arts. She also enjoyed being athletic to keep her shape.

The ship was in pieces, but everyone was relatively organized and attending to their respective jobs. Entering engineering, Scott immediately assessed the situation and began to prioritize repairs and personnel. "Matrix to bridge..." nothing. "Matrix to bridge!" ~Good lord~ thought Scott. "I've left my communicator in my quarters."

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