SPC Biography for Markus Krane, a Male Human aged 55

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SPC Character Physical Description






226 lbs



Grey/ brow






6 foot 4




Markus Krane is a physically fit and clean cut man. He has alot of scaring on the right side of his body due to injuries sustained during the civil war.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Vice Admiral

Family and Background


Born 10.31.2389 Location of birth was north America Starfleet class of 2411 Science and Security officer aboard the USS Endsleigh Majored in Science Technology and Security applications and worked with the Daystrom institute, in their cybernetics research department. Particularly in the field of cybernetic prosthetics He has a cybernetic right arm and a cybernetic lung after receiving serious injuries during the civil war while serving aboard the USS Endsleigh. For his heroics in the civil war he was granted his own command of the USS Pasadeana. He avoids conversations about the war if he can. He is a straight shooter and doesn't let the command structure stop him from making objections, this has caused several fellow officers uncomfortable around him and few friends. He will always tell people what they need to know and not what they want to hear . He was raised by his father who worked at the Daystrom institute. His mother died while serving in starfleet. He chose to make his career his life and never married or had children. His dedication to his career with no outside distractions allowed him to rise through the ranks rather quickly



Joined starfleet as soon as he was legally allowed. Majored in science technology and Security. Graduated starfleet academy class of 2411

Medical History


Markus has 5 artificial ribs on his right side. His right lung is cybernetic and so is his right arm. Due to injuries sustained during the civil war. He has a scar above his right eye. Markus otherwise is in perfect physical and mental health.



Markus is insanely good at time management. He prioritizes every single moment of his day down to the letter. He has a perfect memory and has a natural ability to figure out how things work. He is highly proficient in mathematics. He is also considered by many who know him as a master strategist, able to identify trends and predict outcomes fast and accurate .





Drinking good Whiskey and playing billiards.

The ship was in pieces, but everyone was relatively organized and attending to their respective jobs. Entering engineering, Scott immediately assessed the situation and began to prioritize repairs and personnel. "Matrix to bridge..." nothing. "Matrix to bridge!" ~Good lord~ thought Scott. "I've left my communicator in my quarters."

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