SPC Biography for Victor Montero, a Male Human aged 30

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SPC Character Physical Description






162 lbs









6 foot




Languages: English, Portuguese Identifying Marks: Burns on his right leg and arm. Cuts across his back.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description



Family and Background


was born to research scientists and faculty at the Orion Institute of Cosmology. His father, originally from Brazil, raised Victor to be fluent both in English and Portuguese. While the young Montero was a disappointment in the areas of theoretical physics and cosmology, he did show a knack for three-dimensional spatial relationships and had extremely fast reaction speeds. By the time he was a teenager, he had discovered the love of flying, first in gliders, then powered craft on Orion 1. With his parent’s blessing, he applied to Star Fleet academy, and his accepted on his second try. His proficiency and scores found him tracked into the Academy’s flight training wing where he worked his way into the Nova Flight, becoming the leader in his 4th year. After graduation with honors, he had his pick of opportunities, such as there were at that dark time in federation history. His skill with any craft was well known among leadership, who kept him hopping around from assignment to assignment. In 2439, he and his wingman, Sheridan “Bulldog” Smythe were flying some diplomats over the war torn Casperia Prime on their way to an armistice talk with the anti-federation terrorists. Despite his warning and those of the Security forces on the planet, the head of the delegation demanded they fly past a terrorist’s stronghold, which was supposed to have been disarmed. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and Bulldog’s ship took the brunt of the damage. As his wingman struggled to keep his ship flying, Vic turned around and strafed the area where the terrorists had their heavy weapons. After destroying the weapons site, he returned to provide additional cover for Bulldog’s damaged shuttle. They made it about 10 km from the site of the attack when Sheridan started to lose altitude and reported an engine overload. As the shuttle crashed, Vic made an emergency landing near to the shuttle. Although it was in flames, he ran forward with a rescue pack. The door was open and several of the delegates made it out. Vic entered the shuttle, and made it to where Sheridan was. He was able to pull his friend out of the ship, while suffering burns to his right side and wounds across his back. Sheridan died in Vic’s before a rescue team was onsite. Vic, himself, spent 3 months in the infirmary, recovering from his wounds. Behind closed doors, there was a debate as to Vic’s fate. The Diplomat corps was furious over his actions, even though he and their own security had warned them of the proposed path. Star Fleet, not wanting to get into too much of a turf war, issued a reprimand and demoted Vic from Lieutenant to Lieutenant, junior grade. When Vic emerged and was cleared by medical, he requested a posting far away from where any diplomat might bother him. He holds the whole corps responsible for Sheridan’s death, and has had a few alterations with diplomats at several bars and gatherings. There is a big red flag in his file to NOT invite him to any diplomatic reception. He continues to see councilors to try to move on from this event. It took Vic 3 years to earn that second gold pip again, along with a series of impossible sounding rescues and missions. He spends most of his time in the flight deck, and steals as much time on the simulators he can, challenging himself with every simulation. This has also seen a series of co-pilots request new assignments. Vic just keeps rolling with the punches. In 2443, Vic had returned as a guest lecturer at the Academy on tactics when the attack on Earth started. Disobeying orders, he organized and led the academy flight squadrons in defense of Earth. This was one of the few bright spots in the great tragedy. The Academy squads lost over 60% of the pilot trainee’s, including one squadron that took out three of the heavy cruisers by crashing their fighters into the ships engines, causing them to explode. Vic, himself, accounted for more than a dozen of the escort fighters and one light cruiser, when he crashed his ship into it, beaming out at the last moment. When all was said and done, millions were dead, and Vic was again in the hotseat for his role in defending the Earth. Particular with calling on the pilot-trainees to provide defense of the planet and disobeying a series of commands. For his bravery and heroism, his protectors in Star Fleet were able to see that he was awarded the Karagite Order of Heroism, The Christopher Pike Medal of Valor and the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry. For his failure to follow orders, he was also demoted to Ensign for disobeying orders and the loss of the pilot-trainees. As a final directive, he was assigned to the USS Illuminar, which lacked tactical fighters and was on a deep space mission.



Star Fleet Academy - Pilot

Medical History


Burns on his right leg and arm. Cuts across his back. Suffers from Survivor's guilt.






Has issues with authority. Has some senior officers who have helped protect him.



Flying. recreating ancient air battles, darts. Doesn't drink alcohol.

Gregory noticed that the Captain had joined in the fun. If his getting drenched would help the ships morale, he was all for it. “Come on Captain, let's see what ya got,” he started calling out. “Bet those pirates have better aim than you. Just remember the point is to hit the target.”. His arm was rock steady as he found a comfortable grip on the ball in his right hand. He was aware that a number of the crew were beginning to gather around in anticipation. They spoke in low voices as he gathered himself for the throw.

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