SPC Biography for Hercules Devers, a Male Human aged 23

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SPC Character Physical Description






235 lbs









5 foot 11




Average height, very muscular. Identifying Marks: Tattoo across his back (shoulders). Tigers passant sinister and dexter Tattoo on his left upper arm – the Ver-sur-Mer blazon (https://www.heraldry-wiki.com/heraldrywiki/index.php/Ver-sur-Mer)

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Security (PO3)

Family and Background


Hercules Devers was born in Ver sur Mer, France seven minutes after his fraternal twin brother Hamilton Devers. Hamilton was more of the bookworm type, eventually entering medicine and is currently an officer serving in Star Fleet. Hercules, on the other hand, showed early interest in ballet, which he excelled in. Around age 10, he learned about Bâton français, and became fascinated with the martial arts. Here, the dexterity and movement skills from his ballet training helped him. After mastering Bâton français, he thirsted to explore other arts. He was able to study both Muay Thai and German ju-jitsu, through friends of his grandfather, a former Star Fleet Diplomatic Security Officer. While he did ok in school (he passed), his waking time was spent training in these different skills. He competed in junior competitions, winning some and losing others. When he would lose, Hercules would get very depressed and upset with himself and his performance. It took Saget Petchyindee, a Muay Thai Kru to teach him to learn to control his emotions. Because of Saget Petchyindee’s lessons, Hercules rarely gets angry, and when he starts to speak in a low, slow voice, watch out, he is wound out and primed to attack. He discovered weight lifting to burn off excess stress and improve his muscle mass. His personal bests are 294 kg dead-lift, 184 kg bench press and 249 kg squats. At 18 he enlisted in Star Fleet, undergoing basic training. He requested and was assigned to the security division. He was recently promoted to E4 and transferred to the USS Illuminar. He requested, and received special permission from Star Fleet to carry a collapsible baton on duty. Hercules learned from his grandfather that it was the security officers’ job to apply just enough force to eliminate the threat and no more. His workout routine is a combination of movement, weights and meditation. In his off hours, Hercules has a passion for sewing, coming from his early years of ballet, where he had to sew many of his own costumes. He follows the latest design trends and can be found making custom outfits for his fellow crew.



No College, Star Fleet basic training (Security)

Medical History


None noted



Muay Thai, German ju-jitsu, Bâton français. Carries an extendable staff with him on duty. Rated marksman with phasers.





Bodybuilding, dancing (ballet), sewing

Gregory noticed that the Captain had joined in the fun. If his getting drenched would help the ships morale, he was all for it. “Come on Captain, let's see what ya got,” he started calling out. “Bet those pirates have better aim than you. Just remember the point is to hit the target.”. His arm was rock steady as he found a comfortable grip on the ball in his right hand. He was aware that a number of the crew were beginning to gather around in anticipation. They spoke in low voices as he gathered himself for the throw.

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