SPC Biography for Tempest Grey Wolf, a Female Human aged 28

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SPC Character Physical Description



Dark Brown



140 IBS









5 foot 10




She is tall and wiry but with hardened muscles. Tempest has the typical dark eyes of a pure bred Indian and raven black hair that extends to her waist when let down. Her hair is normally kept up in a french braid, her only bow to StarFleet regulations concerning hair length. Her skin is always tanned but deepens to a dark brown when she has had a long association with the sun. Her eyes are dark. Her expression is never guarded, it's almost blank. Very little changes her expression even when enraged. Only when pushed to violence will a snarl come upon her features. Everything about her is indicative on her native american ancestry.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Flight Ops/Conn

Family and Background


Tempest Grey Wolf is of full blood Cherokee ancestry who left the reservation in Oklahoma to enter Starfleet Academy. Her spirit guide directed her to Starfleet and she is from the wolf clan tribe. Her mother and grandmother still live. She has a number of cousins but no siblings.



Pilot training, flight operations control, conn operations and accelerated control operations for the new generation of ships. Pilot executive officer training.

Medical History


Allergic to some pollen bearing trees and shrubs, hayfever, seasonal allergies She uses the smoke of the white sage to purify it.



Extremely fit, athletic and fast. Excellent reflexes and fighting ability. Can use a knife or phaser with equal adeptness.



She knows how to create tribal medicines and remedies having learned from a young age. Needs to get away at times for purification rituals and to invite her spirit guide who shows her things to do or of things to come.



She carries a portion of white sage with her and will plant and grow it in the arboretum for purification ceremonies. She also has a set of drums with her for to play and meditate and will sometimes use the holodeck in order to dance to the drums.

Gregory noticed that the Captain had joined in the fun. If his getting drenched would help the ships morale, he was all for it. “Come on Captain, let's see what ya got,” he started calling out. “Bet those pirates have better aim than you. Just remember the point is to hit the target.”. His arm was rock steady as he found a comfortable grip on the ball in his right hand. He was aware that a number of the crew were beginning to gather around in anticipation. They spoke in low voices as he gathered himself for the throw.

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