Biography for Captain Sekal , a Male Vulcan aged 27
who is assigned to the USS Illuminar

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Character Physical Description



Dark Green



89 Kg













Tall with an athletic build.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Father: Saleke. Saleke was formerly a Captain in Star Fleet having commanded the USS Hades, USS Furious and USS Galahad which was destroyed during the civil war. After this conflict ended the political climate changed and politics became ever more intrusive into the Fleet ultimately causing him to resign his commission and return to Vulcan where he and T'Kess were mated. Saleke then commanded the VSRS Sinya, a research vessel attached to the Vulcan Defense Fleet. After the sacking of the CinC and most of the Admiralty Saleke was recruited to return to the fleet as Vice-Admiral in charge of research and development. He also has complete oversight of the entity known as Luma'lenai. Mother T'Kess A diplomat attached to the Vulcan Ambassador to the UFP which headquarters is on Earth. T'Kess and Saleke fulfilled their bonding upon his return. T'Kess took a four year leave after son was born before returning to her duties. She is on a three month cycle away from Vulcan then returns to her home planet for three. Sekal traveled with his mother at the age of four and has seen much of Earth, beginning at the age of ten he alternated either being with his mother or father on the VSRS Sinya. Sekal enter the Vulcan Academy of Science at age eighteen and in six years graduated with an astonishing two doctorates and a master's degree. At age twenty four he enrolled in Star Fleet against the wishes of his mother but with the blessing of his father. Sekal is more accustomed to interactions with other species having been exposed to them at an early age and is even conversant in Tellarite 'Civil Speech'.



Vulcan Science Academy. Doctorates in Interstellar Mechanics and High Energy Particle Physics. Masters in Exo-Biology

Pre-Starfleet History


Son of a highly regarded diplomat he learned early how to interact with various species and deal with diplomatic issues. Having spent time on a research vessel he is well acquainted with shipboard life. His studies were highly profitable in forming the technologies that advanced Star Fleet back into the quadrant... with an advantage in many cases.

Starfleet History


Stationed first on Mars where he soon headed scientific research and development. Instigator behind the new crystal drive and advancements in offensive and defensive weaponry. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander before the launch of the USS Illuminar

Medical History


A near perfect physical specimen but it has been noted he may at times have Obsessive/Compulsive tendencies but they are considered minor and not a detriment to his commission.Nearly killed in a knife attack by Roanoke operatives on the ship but bounced back after the healing trance.



Highly proficient in command though as yet relatively untested in battle. Highly skilled in combat and Karel-ifla. Extremely strong due to his heritage and athletic background. Trained by the monks at Mount Sehlaya.



Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but highly intelligent, disciplined and powerful in a number of areas. A skilled touch telepath. His only known weakness may be a tendency for obsessive traits which hasn't of yet been tested.



5K Runner, reading and research when he has available time.practitioner of Karel-ifla a Vulcan martial arts form.

Gregory noticed that the Captain had joined in the fun. If his getting drenched would help the ships morale, he was all for it. “Come on Captain, let's see what ya got,” he started calling out. “Bet those pirates have better aim than you. Just remember the point is to hit the target.”. His arm was rock steady as he found a comfortable grip on the ball in his right hand. He was aware that a number of the crew were beginning to gather around in anticipation. They spoke in low voices as he gathered himself for the throw.

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