Biography for Lieutenant Commander Quinna Solice , a Female Human aged 31
who is assigned to the USS Illuminar

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Character Physical Description






135 lbs









5.5 ft




Quinna considered herself as the typical average woman. She is not too skinny but she is not overweight. She has no unusual visible physical traits that could identify her than any other person. When encountering her, you can typically see her long blond hair flowing free. Sometimes it could come into question if she used a hairbrush. With her upbringing, she holds herself with proper posture. In her mind, she sees herself as a ‘Plain Jane.’

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Shortly after her birth, Quinna’s family was transferred to the USS Auberjonois. Her father, Lt. Commander, Michael Peston Solice. Her mother, Lt. Rachel Esther Hamiltion Solice, was a holo engineer. Her duties were to take tactical, environmental, and other information to program the holodecks. This would allow teams to practice for away missions. At the age of 3, Quinna and her family welcomed a baby boy into the family. Preston Hamilton Solice. At the age of 7, Quinna and Preston were sent back to Earth to stay with their maternal grandmother Angela Hamilton. All the children and civilians of the USS Auberjonios were sent away as the ship was going to travel through the Wormhole that was protected by Deepspace 9. The ship and the crew aboard were never heard from again. Quinna was old enough to remember everything. As a descendent of an old aristocratic family donning from the ages when exploration meant using the stars and not of the stars, Quinna was expected to complete certain obligations. While being raised by her grandmother, Starfleet had been forbidden in the home. Quinna had lost her grandfather and now her parents. Her grandmother had enough. Though Quinna’s brother adhered to the no Starfleet rule, Quinna could not let it go. She was determined to learn more about the disappearance of her parents and the entire ship she called home. Years later, Quinna joined Starfleet after she graduated from Med school dual majoring in Psychology and Medical Practices. Through a recruitment program, Quinna Joined Starfleet and the rest is history. Since joining Starfleet, Quinna’s brother married Arleene Quincy and they have a daughter. Quinna’s grandmother passed. Quinna inherited half the estate and the family estate in New York.



Quinna attended public education through her yearly years. In post-secondary education, Quinna attends New York University through medical school. She became dually licensed in Medical Practices and Psychology. After obtaining her degrees, Quinna became an older cadet by joining Starfleet at the age of 24. She opted for an officer route. And she stuck with the medical errors. Though she had thought about intelligence. At the time, Quinna thought that the medical route could get her into more areas of Starfleet.

Pre-Starfleet History


Before Starfleet, there was only one goal Quinna had. To find her parents. She spent all her time studying. She had no friends, no boyfriends, only textbooks for her studies. Quinna did take the time to be a part of the school's swim team.

Starfleet History


2440 - 2444 Residency --Starfleet Academy 2444 - 2445 Counselor -- Mars Base 2444 - 2445 Medical Office -- USS Mystique 2445 - Present Chief Medical Officer -- USS Illuminar

Medical History


Quinna has no major medical issues Family History: Heart Disease and diabetes



Quinna is an exceptional listener. She gives insight valuable solutions to problems.



Quinna is an easy-going woman. She is protective of her patients and not afraid to go all Mama Bear on them. With little sleep, she can be short-tempered. Quinna can be trusted with everyone’s secrets



Swimming, Getting Starfleet spies to talk, Home remedies, Pole Dancing

Gregory noticed that the Captain had joined in the fun. If his getting drenched would help the ships morale, he was all for it. “Come on Captain, let's see what ya got,” he started calling out. “Bet those pirates have better aim than you. Just remember the point is to hit the target.”. His arm was rock steady as he found a comfortable grip on the ball in his right hand. He was aware that a number of the crew were beginning to gather around in anticipation. They spoke in low voices as he gathered himself for the throw.

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