SPC Biography for John Williams , a Male Human aged 33

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SPC Character Physical Description






80 kilogra



blone, buz






183 cm




Fit, healthy, slightly muscular.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


John worked as a police officer and as an EMT in his home city of Amsterdam.

Family and Background


John is an only child, being raised by his parents, his mother a police officer and his father a EMT. John had a relatively uneventfull childhood, doing well in school. He grew up safe and sheltered. He first trained to be a police officer right out of high school. Because of his growing interest in medicine, he trained to be a EMT, working both jobs part-time. Looking for a new challenge, he joined starfleet academy in 2440, eager to contribute to the federation and starfleet. His time at the academy was largely uneventfull, though that changed in 2443 when his parents died in the attack. This made him even more eager to join starfleet, and build up what was destroyed.



-Amsterdam academy of police. -Amsterdam school of medicine. -Starfleet academy.

Medical History


John is fit and healthy, with no underlying physical problems.



Both trained as a police officer and an EMT, John has a unique skill set. He is a skilled interviewer and hostage negotiator. Though crime is at an all time low in the 25th century, John has had some high profile cases. As an EMT, John is trained in emergency, life saving medical procedures, and as such qualified to assist in sick bay when needed.





Listen to music, have dinner with friends, play guitar, holodeck adventures.

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