SPC Biography for Svend Saarsgard , a male Human aged 24

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A tall, well built nordic man with a terrible scar covering the left side of his face, a result of shrapnel from 'The Incident' the year before.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Family and Background


Svend's mother was a political commentator who was murdered when Svend was a child. His father was a member of the Federation diplomatic services - which is probably why Svend chose Tactical/Security . Not that he'd admit it.



(I don't know if you have Marines here - this will change if you do, to be a more tactical marine type) -Standard Education until Starfleet Academy -Standard Starfleet Academy curriculum, with emphasis on strategy and tactics.

Medical History


During the incident, Svend was trapped in (the academy?) when it was struck by enemies unknown. In trying to reach the nearest security outpost, a bomb or explosive of some sort exploded nearby, and the resulting shrapnel nearly shaved his face clean off. He doesn't remember being found or surgery, his next memory was waking in a hospital. As a result, he has a series of terrible scars on the left side of his face and torso.



Very athletic, with extraordinary hand/eye coordination. He's also worked on his spacial awareness since he was a boy, as he'd intended to join the merchant marine (or become a pirate) from a young age - and shipping containers is all about maximizing space. He has an interest in history, and studied it extensively with his current degree. He could be considered a military historian, of sorts.



Do you have anything else to add? Anything at all?



He likes to deep sea dive.

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