Biography for Ensign JG Sanok , a male Vulcan aged 70
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description






220 pounds









6' 3




Sanok is tall and muscular and in top physical condition. He has black hair, brown eyes, is clean-shaven, and has the typical angular features of Vulcans.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Sanok was born and raised on Vulcan. He is the oldest of three children and has two sisters. His father is a historian and his mother a school teacher.



Sanok attended all the required schools on Vulcan.

Pre-Starfleet History


From a young age, it was clear that Sanok's emotions were more intense and stronger than was typical for Vulcan children. This led to him often being unruly and mischievous. Because of this, he was given more early training on suppressing and controling them, which he resented. Even into his teen years and early adulthood, he had not chosen to become as other Vulcans. It just seemed wrong to him to suppress something that was part of who and what he was. Sanok's failure to submit to Vulcan philosophy on emotions and logic, led to him leaving Vulcan at the age of twenty. He chose to go Earth. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with his life, but he had come to admire Human passion and the way they excelled while being emotional creatures. Sanok soon found work in building construction. He got to know the site security guard, who was also a policeman. Law enforcement and security interested Sanok, so he moved from working in construction and began working in private security. After two years on Earth, he applied to Starfleet Academy in the security field. The academy never had a Vulcan applicant that was living with his emotions. Because of this, there was some caution about accepting him. Though Sanok did well enough on the entrance exams, he was denied. Sanok did not take this well, so he vowed to prove that he could succeed in Starfleet. Applying to the local police academy, he was accepted and became a city policeman in Los Angeles. After serving with distinction for seven years, he reapplied to the Academy. This time, he was accepted.

Starfleet History


Sanok graduated from the academy in 2407 at the age of 33. He was assigned to the USS Dennison in security. He served there during the Civil War. After the war, he was assigned to the USS Mithrandir. When the chief of security position on the USS Rosenante became available, Sanok was chosen and transferred.

Medical History


When the Civil War ended, the Dennison was taken out of service for extensive repairs. While waiting for another assignment, Sanok had much alone time to reflect on his experiences in the war. Because of so much combat, and because so many friends and comrades had been killed, Sanok, who was still living with his emotions, was unable to cope with the strong feelings. He spent time with a Vulcan counselor, who recommended Sanok return to Vulcan to begin learning to purge his emotions. He agreed and took a medical leave. Sanok spent six months on his home world, where he was assigned to one of the leading masters of Kohlinar. When it was determined that he was fit to return to Starfleet duty, he left Vulcan and went back to Earth.



Sanok is strong, athletic, and keenly observant. He is an expert in energy weapons and is highly proficient in security, tactical, and various forms of martial arts.



Sanok carries himself as a typical Vulcan. However, since he lived most of his life with his emotions, there are times they slip out. To maintain control, he must spend more time than normal in meditation and suppression techniques. Because he has experienced both sides, Sanok feels he has a unique perspective on life. He also has signs of a sense of humor. When on duty, Sanok is efficient to the upmost, taking his duties as seriously as possible. He is fiercely loyal and has laid his life on the line for crew mates numerous times.



Sanok spends his off duty time studying security and tactical, but he also likes to read fiction novels from many cultures. He has taken an interest in baseball, and spends some of his time socializing with other members of the crew.

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