Biography for Ensign JG Garek Darpeg , a male Vulcan/Klingon hybrid aged 38
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description






200 lbs






medium bro



6 ft.



pinkish re

Tall with large bone structure. Has a Klingon brow ridge and pointed Vulcan ears. Wears hair short in the Vulcan tradition, and wears a goatee. His eyebrows are upswept, but thick like a Klingon's.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Mother is T'Bek of Vulcan, a Vulcan News Newtork hologrpaher/journalist. She met Captain Kloroth, House of DarPeG, of the IKS Blood Claw when his ship was on temporary assignment to Vulcan. They married. Kloroth would visit with his wife whenever assignments and leave time allowed. They decided to raise Garek in both cultures so that he could live in both. He was betrothed to T'rina of Vulcan at the age of five, but just before their wedding, she was killed in an attack by an unknown species.



Graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy, and the Klingon War College. Was offered posts in the Vulcan Defense Forces an in the Imperial Klingon Navy. Decided to join Starfleet since he did not fully belong to either group.

Pre-Starfleet History


Studied and graduated from both the Vulcan Science Academy and the Klingon War College. Before then, he studied under the Kholinar master Sterk in the caves of Gol, where he was able to have some control over his Klingon temper. On Klingon, he learned how to handle the various Klingon knives and the various honor rituals.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Allergic to alcohol, making him handicapped in the eyes of Klingons. He does not go through ponn'farr since his betrothed had been killed, which Vulcans envy, but his sexual desires are more like a Klingons.



He can mind meld, but it leaves him exhausted to the point of sleep. He has the Klingon sense of smell, and the Vulcan hearing. He has the Vulcan extra eyelid that protects his eyes from overly bright light. He has a low tolerance for cold. He is a master of the bat'leth and the lirpa, and other hand melee weapons of both species, He has the ability to logically find out information through unrelated databases. He has the strength of Vulcans.



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Hobbies are programming holoprograms to simulate battle with both melee and energy weapons. He enjoys reading ancient wars (Such as World War II on Earth).

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