Biography for Ensign JG Rebecca Flagg , a Female Human aged 38
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description









Usually Re










Rebecca looks after her body well she is slim with a few curves that she knows how to accentuate with posture. She takes a lot of care with makeup and hair pushing the limits for size and design from Starfleet regulations, preferring a flower in her hair.

When off duty she prefers to dress up normally with a Cheongsam or other body-hugging garment. Sometimes even wearing a full Kimono of a Maiko.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Living in the foothills of Mount Tate in Japan in a traditional house. Her mother was a geisha, how tough her the beauty of song and dance as well as her skills even though she did not want to go in the footsteps.

Father was a designer/engineer for Starfleet intelligence. He was away most of the time so showered Rebecca in gifts including nanobots that allow her to change her hair colour.



*Dropped out of MIT in the last year
*Basic Marine NCO Training (Just passed)
*Marine Combat Engineer speculation
*EOD Training *Starfleet Officer Training fast track

Pre-Starfleet History


Rebecca did well with her engineering studies and was expected to follow her father as a designer. On her last year of studies at MIT, she was involved in a traumatic incident that left her feeling venerable.

She dropped all her training and joined the marines as soon as she was medically able to.

Starfleet History


She joined the Marines as an NCO with her engineering background was assigned to be a combat engineer. Rebecca quickly trained as an EOD specialist.

Good at her job but very un-marine like at times Rebecca's carrier good but a little stagnant. It was only her engineering skills that made the marines put up with her quirks.

During a very bad planetary conflict, she stayed in a hot zone to defuse a bomb under fire taking a hit that lost her right arm.

Rebecca returned to Starfleet academy to re-train for the fleet as the marines could not have supported her cybernetic arm in the field and she did not want a desk job. Due to her history and that Starfleet needed new officers she was fast-tracked in officer training.

Medical History


*** Record Locked ***

Replacement right cybernetic arm, with lots of scaring around the shoulder area. It requires regular monitoring and tweaking of the biofeedback system. Rebecca has worked on a custom arm to suit her needs for more sensory feedback.



*Rebecca is a people person, able to charm a lot of people with flurting. She is a skilled entertainer and understands most major cultures.

*Became an expert in Tessenjutsu during her rehabilitation to use her new arm.

*Expert in small electronics and engineering from her EOD training.





Singing and dancing mostly but just enjoys life.

Collects fans from those used in dance to combat.

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