Biography for Ensign JG Ezra Tevan , a Female Unjoined Trill aged 27
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description



dark green
















Ezra is a slender girl/woman with long blond hair. She usually wears her hear in a plaid. Physically she is somewhat on the smaller side, with slender shoulders and narrow hips. She has slight dimples in her cheeks when she laughs. She is cute, but without being too beautiful or too sexy.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Ezra is the second of three children. She has an older sister and younger brother. None of her parents or siblings are/were joined. She was born on the Trill Homeworld in a relatively small village, which made her feel alone and isolated from the outside world.



Ezra has done most of her studies on the Trill Homeworld. She had a degree in exo- and xenobiology. As part of her education at Starfleet Academy, she has studied for a medical degree.

Pre-Starfleet History


Ezra never applied for joining, even though both her sister and brother, did. She wanted to be part of something bigger, but it didn't feel right to be joined. She wanted to explore the world around her, and as such applied for the Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet History


Medical History


No information available at the moment



Ezra has an analytical mind. She can easily analyze a situation and act accordingly. She is however slightly uncomfortable in social situations.



Ezra is shy and feels rather awkward at social gatherings, but at the same time, she does want to fit in the group.



Ezra likes Vulcan Kal-toh, and other similar games of intellect. She hasn't mastered Human chess but is eager to understand it better.

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