Biography for Ensign JG Alexandra Petrova , a female Human aged 26
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description






53.9 kg.



Platnium B



Pale white



1.7 m




Alexandra is a woman of striking measure and poise. She wears her hair back in a single tight military regulation ponytail. She walks and behaves like somebody who has been living in fleet her whole life. She carries a swagger stick while performing post inspections. Her uniform is always crisp and well pressed. For makeup, she wears the bare minimum to remind herself of her femininity. Looking at her you would not believe she was once a junkie. She has the word Harmony inked on her left forearm.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Born to Gregar and Svetlana Petrova on Christmas eve 26 standard years ago. She was always the apple of her fathers eye. She was loved tremendously and both of her parents were two very well liked Engineers up on Utopia Shipyards. She also had a younger sister named Harmony. She was your standard military brat and was a good student until she fell in with the wrong crowd. She ran away from home when she was in her teenage years. Her father not one to give up on her, found her living four years later with his other daughter in a burnt out building, He borrowed an entire fire team from Utopia to rescue her from the squalid conditions that she was living in. That did not save her sister from an overdose of a designer drug that they both had become addicted to. This cost Alexandra a lot of emotional stability. She had shattered her parents trust, her sisters death caused her mother to sink into a deep, deep depression. Her father afterwards spent all of his time working and Alex, she stood back and tried to keep good on the promise she made to Harmony about staying clean and getting her life back together, all the while dealing with the fallout of her actions.



Attended Lomonosov Univ.Completed Degree in Political Science Graduated

Pre-Starfleet History


From the ages of 15 to 16 she lived life in a bombed out building fourteen miles from Mars Base Sierra. She had become addicted to a drug called Morphalag-26 a research chemical used as an experimental pain killer as well as used in combat medic kits to treat severe shock and wound trauma. One day after being attacked by some other junkies living in the building she called her father, the man she did not need, the man who had neglected her or so she thought. Her father responded with swift and furious revenge on those who attacked his daughters. This moment left Alexandra with a profound view on what it was like to serve and to sacrifice. Men who did not know her, but knew her father were willing to die in extracting her and her sister. This gave her a sense of shame and a sense that she had to remake herself. After that she tried to go straight, She wanted to be a policy advisor for the Federation and enter the diplomatic service, That was until Harmony overdosed. Alexandra began to suffer from great bouts of guilt over the matter. She blames herself over it and as soon as she could she entered service of the Federation but as an Officer.

Starfleet History


Medical History


She has drilled into herself there is no greater duty then that of serving. Some would call her mentally a hard case. She drinks coffee she is starting to show the beginings of eyestrain and she has a Retinol-5 allergy that will require her to use glasses and it will eventually kill her flight status. She eats well, just not often and is considered just at the cusp of minimal acceptable weight for a woman of her height. It is listed in her records that she is a recovering addict so when treated she is not given anything considered addicting.



Alexandra has a unique and diverse skillset, She has the knowledge to pick an electronic lock, fire a phaser, fly a combat craft as well as handle Operational Duties onboard a starship. It is her hope that she will rise to the position of a department head without need of a sponsoring officer and based solely on her own merrit.



I know him as Bobby but Robert Hughes told me you guys were a fun bunch of Rpers. So I signed up. I am willing to adjust this character as needed.



She spends most of her off duty time trying to relax. She drinks socially and can often be found "Getting drunk with the rest of the aliens".

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