Biography for Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Castile , a Nake Human aged 32
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description






190 lbs.



Black (gra










Chris is a rather nodescript fellow, above average height, of hispanic origin. He speaks with a slight accent. He is muscular but not overly so. He has a single tattoo of a heart under lock and key on chis chest. He always looks tired because he works constantly.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Christopher was the only child of Emilo and Flora Castile. He grew up with learning how to fix things, mostly cars and shuttlecrafts. He had his shuttle flight certifcate and had a pretty sweet corvette that he drove around town to try to impress the ladies. This led to him meeting a tourist girl named Dana Randolf. he married her and they had two kids together. Their marriage lasted five years and his assignments far off led to a divorce.



Graduated Christopher Pike High School Graduated Havanna College Masters of Spaceframe Engineering/Habitat Construction

Pre-Starfleet History


He spent five years working for the Tellerite Mining Corporation as a miner and later supervising engineer onboard the Mining ship Marrion. Then one night he got drunk and realized he hated his life and working with miners, so he signed up for fleet. He missed his kids, his wife and father in law had full custody.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Accident on the Marrion where he got molten rock on his leg. He spent thirty days in sickbay getting it fixed, it has left a slight limp. He sometimes walks with a walking stick when off duty and says, "Stupidity is acting up." He has had several minor bruises and scrapes repaired when things got rowdy with his repair team.



+ Hard worker: To the point he will skip meals, pull double or tripple shifts to make sure jobs are done on time. + Certified in Mining Equipment, Spaceframe and habitat construction and usage + Certified Damage Control person + Has some experience as a team leader. + takes orders well - Self Worth problems - Addiction to coffee -/+ LOVES Soccer and played it as sport in High School and Univeristy -/+ Spends his off time drinking beer and watching sports. He considers his quarters to be his safe space and rarely lets anybody in.



I want to play an enlisted man, I think Petty Officer 3rd Class is a decent rank to start with.



Soccer, Beer drinking, Building and modifying small equipment. He is iffy on flirting with the fairer gender due to being reprimanded for conduct he had with his ships Captain when he was with the TMC. Though he remains friends with her.

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