Biography for Ensign JG Evalynn (Eva) Rozen , a female Betazoid aged 45
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description



dark blue



125 lbs









5 foot 3




Eva is five foot three, One hundred twenty-five of dynomite. She is well proportioned in her shortness. Long wavy black hair, Darkish Blue eyes.. She keeps her body fit by the numerous physical activities in her off time. She could pass for her mother.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Eva was born on the starship USS Specter. Her mother is Ansia Rozen , her father Alex died in a accident before she was born. Her mother and Aunt raised her on board the USS Specter. She was taught about S31 and what they did to her mother and Aunt. She was taught how to roam the ship without being seen and how to protect herself through the martial arts by her Aunt.



Betazed University: First/second years Basic classes. Betazed University: Third/fourth year, intro Psychology. Betazed University: Fifth year, Intermediate Psychology. Betazed University: Sixth year, Advanced Psychology. Betazed University: Seventh year, intro Intelligence. Starfleet Medical Academy, Opertions San Francisco, Earth Starfleet Command Basic Studies Intellignce/Operations, San Francisco, Earth Starfleet Advanced Intellignce/Operations, San Francisco, Earth Graduated from Star Fleet Academy with a master's degree in Intellignce, and a minor in Operations

Pre-Starfleet History


Being born on a strship, her formative years were spent running around the starship and attending what formal instruction she could attain.

Starfleet History


Finally being accepted into stafleet she attended clsses in starship operations and Intelligence. After finishing her studies in those two fields she went on to command school. After graduation she was sent to mars for her first assignment.

Medical History


During her medical evaluation for entering Starfleet, it was discovwered she had two arterial arteries. She had never been really sick in her life so far. At this time the Signos strain has not manifested itself in her.



Eva has always been able to learn languages easily. She speaks Betazoid, several earth languages, Klingon, Andorian, and Vulcan for a start. She is considered bilingual. She has also learned the computer arts. She has learned seveel computer languages and skills.



Her father being full Betazoid and her mother mostly Betazoid, she is 3/4 betazoid and 1/4 human. Her interests has always been in the intelligence field because of what she learned what S31 did to her Mother and Aunt.



She loves aerobics, anything athletic, the dancing arts, rock climbing, martial arts

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