Biography for Ensign JG R'vek Kental , a Male Reman aged 67
who is assigned to the Starbase Freedom

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Character Physical Description



Yellow wit









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Tall with a medium build, pointed ears and yellow eyes with black pupils. His skin is pale and shows veins with ridges in for eyebrows showing a slightly set back forehead

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


R'vek was born on remus and as a child put to work in the mines he was 10 when remus was destroyed and was stuck with a group of refugee's from who barely escaped. They looked after eachother as they were relocated to a moon colony. When he turned 16 he went to work on a mining vessel. He was a angry youth and didnt trust man no remans. As time went on he had some interactions with vulcans while these were tense to begin with they were able to help with his abilities as they were similar to those of vulcans. He didnt yet trust them but it was a start. He was built for mining and moved from the hard to labor to helping run the ships daily duties on the bridge. He still had a hatred for romulans but with time he released they all suffered the loss of there homes, and that not all romulans viewed them as simply slaves.



4 years Vulcan academy 4 years Starfleet academt

Pre-Starfleet History


One day he recieved a invitation to the Vulcan academy it was similar to that of the Starfleet academy. Vulcans had invited romulans and remans a like in the spirt of reunification. It was a means of getting a head and maybe a chance of taking what he learned and being able to use it to help all remans rebuild and to get out of the shadows. He was uneasy at first being around romulans and vulcans there was a long history with there brothers the romulans and cousins the Vulcans who did little to help while they were enslaved. He was shocked by the spirt of teamwork and family from all sides coming together for United purpose. After graduating he entered there fleet before going back to help teach at the academy. In 2444 when had seen a diffrent side of those he once hated and considered joining starfleet as a chance to see if there attempts to help evacuate remus years ago was true. He joined the academy and saw that there intentions were true and graduated the academy as a ensign and hope to set a president for remans to see they weren't slaves and that they were valued across the galaxy.

Starfleet History


Medical History





He has a decent understanding of engineering from working the mining ship, his main area of focus at the academy was ops and con. He has some ability to probe minds but has yet to master the ability



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He is devoted to the art of warfare and combat as he trained at a young age and continued the practice as he grew up

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