SPC Biography for T'Gema Vaxis, a Female Half human, Half Romulan aged 26

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SPC Character Physical Description






145 IBS



Dark Brown






6 foot




T'Gema is half Human and half Romulan. Is 6 foot tall with wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Physicist / Biologist

Family and Background


T'Gema Vaxis is an astrophysicist and Biologist from the Romulan Republic. T'Gema Vaxis, born on new Romulus to a Romulan mother and a human father. Her father left when she was young , therefore blames all her flaws on her human half out of spite. Joined the exchange to join starfleet hoping to get a better understanding of the part of herself she despises. Her Father was a human by the name of Shane McCain. He left shortly after realizing her mother was pregnant with her. T'Gema's mother is named Natarus Vaxis , a merchant.



T'Gema studied physics at the Mol Rihan Science academy on New Romulus. She minored in Biology. Obtaining the equivalent of a Doctors degree.

Medical History


T'Gema has no remarkable medical history.



She is able to understand and process information at an incredible speed.





T'Gema enjoys star gazing and secretly enjoys doing her make up. She also enjoys swimming , and has a secret obsession with Terran entertainment.

Heinrich waved his scruffy brown hair out of his eyes and found himself in a 20th century style jail cell. Across from him was another cell, occupied by Trinity Frost. The only other entity in the room was a man in an all black starfleet uniform. He saw him shake his head. “Interesting…” the entity said. He had no idea what was going on. Just a few moments ago he was on set, now he’s in a cell. Though, in some way, it was really no different. He began to suspect that this entity had something to do with the simulation. He was somewhat exhilerated by this realization, but he was also overcome with shock. All he could manage was a feeble, “What?”

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