SPC Biography for Klaz Vulon, a Male Kryn aged 102

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SPC Character Physical Description









No hair






6 foot 2




Klaz is tall and of slightly slender build with large black eyes.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description



Family and Background


Born in 2343 . He was considered the family rebel even as a child. Seeking to walk his own path in life. Dr. Klaz Vulon hails from the non- Federation world of Krynos II located on the border of the Alpha and Gamma quadrant , near the galactic core. Dr. Vulon left his homeworld in the year 2397 to seek out a new home and place to practice his craft. He gained his Federation license to practice in 2403 after demonstrating the appropriate skill and providing the proper credentials. In 2404 he opned his own Doctors office on earth. He was affiliated with Johns Hopkins hospital as a pediatrician and Surgeon He is from a family of talented engineers. He however wanted to be a doctor. So he went to medical school and was a good doctor. He lost his job because he performed a risky surgery without permission. The patient didnt want to be saved. But he did the surgery in secret and saved the patients life , because he refused to accept the death of his patient as being morally right. The patient was furious and Dr. Klaz Vulon was fired from his job. He however refused to return to his family in shame because they always looked down on him for not following in their paths as an engineer. So he left his homeworld and made his way to Earth, where he took equivalency courses to gain his medical license and his right to practice it once again. After completing those courses Dr. Vulon signed up for Starfleet. He is a reconstructive/ corrective surgeon and but also specializes in pediatrics. He sees the body from an engineers point of a view , viewing the body as the ultimate machine. He is very sarcastic , loves cigars, scotch, black coffee, poker, swimming and R & B music. As a doctor he will take high risk to save his patients due to his overall objective being the preservation of their life and also enhancing their quality of life in the process.



Attended Priltoc Medical University on Krynos II and in 2399 took equivalency courses on Earth at Johns Hopkins University and enrolled in starfleet Medical in 2440. He graduated Starfleet Medical academy in 2445

Medical History


Like most Kryn, Dr. Vulon is extremely long lived. He has no medical issues to report, except that he is allergic to most feline and dog hair.



Dr. Vulon is an incredible swimmer and climber. Like all Kryn he is able to tolerate extreme heat and humidity.



Although he will see patients of any age , he perfers pediatrics.



Dr. Vulon dove head first into everything the diverse culture of Earth had to offer. He loves music, cigars, scotch and black coffee. Caffeine has no effect on the Kyrn body, but the taste of black coffee is very addicting and habit forming.

Heinrich waved his scruffy brown hair out of his eyes and found himself in a 20th century style jail cell. Across from him was another cell, occupied by Trinity Frost. The only other entity in the room was a man in an all black starfleet uniform. He saw him shake his head. “Interesting…” the entity said. He had no idea what was going on. Just a few moments ago he was on set, now he’s in a cell. Though, in some way, it was really no different. He began to suspect that this entity had something to do with the simulation. He was somewhat exhilerated by this realization, but he was also overcome with shock. All he could manage was a feeble, “What?”

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