SPC Biography for Trinity Frost, a Female Human aged 28

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SPC Character Physical Description






135 IBS









5 foot 6




Average height, burning auburn hair.
her frame hides a strength only gained from growing up with a hard, heavy job.

History, Education and Skills

Job Description


Search & Rescue Chief

Family and Background


Born a backwater planet, Trinity grew up a farm girl, but always loved flying the ancient planes that they used to dust crops.
Fate came to her hand one day when a 'storm in a century' hit her colony, outlying miners hailed for assistance, but no-one except Trinity replied. She flew out in conditions that in all sanity she shouldn't have done and rescued the miners.



Sailed through Basic and Advanced Education.
was held back from anything further by her father who promised 'next season you can leave us'
She realised that that 'next season' would never come so left home with the clothes on her back, a change of underwear and nothing else.

Medical History


Exeptionally fit, no medical issues

Psychological profile paints Trinity as one of the most interesting cases they have seen in recent years, an almost unswerving belief in her abilities as a pilot, ferociously headstrong and focused on the task at hand, coupled with a seeming disregard for her own safety in all simulations and live flights.



Passed #1 in her year - Extreme weather piloting.
Passed #1 in her year - Advanced Piloting - Fast and Low altitude course
Passed #2 in her year - General Basic Pilot Course

Basic and Advanced aircraft maintenance.



Passing Officer suggests regular Counsellor Meetings; Pilot shows lesser regard for personal safety than normally expected. PASS - with the afformentioned stipulation.



Close-up Magic

Heinrich waved his scruffy brown hair out of his eyes and found himself in a 20th century style jail cell. Across from him was another cell, occupied by Trinity Frost. The only other entity in the room was a man in an all black starfleet uniform. He saw him shake his head. “Interesting…” the entity said. He had no idea what was going on. Just a few moments ago he was on set, now he’s in a cell. Though, in some way, it was really no different. He began to suspect that this entity had something to do with the simulation. He was somewhat exhilerated by this realization, but he was also overcome with shock. All he could manage was a feeble, “What?”

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