Biography for Lieutenant Erin Julia Cortez, a Female Human aged 23
who is assigned to the USS Exeter

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Character Physical Description






120 lbs



Black, lon






5ft 9




Erin is tall, athletic build and usually wears her hair in a long plait when on duty. A respectful person with an aptitude for listening and, even though she respects the chain of command, she is not afraid to speak her mind.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Erin was born in Santiago, Chile. Her mother is Siobhan Philbin who served upon the Mith and her father is Julio Cortes, a Starfleet lieutenant. Her parents are a loving couple who raised their daughter to embrace her Irish and Latina sides. Her father has a particular interest in Archery and the pair bonded through this. He trained Erin to become an expert archer and a decent swordsperson. Her happiest memories are running Robin hood programmes with her father on the holodeck. At age 17, Erin met her first serious boyfriend, Christian Styne. After a few months, he became controlling and, when she attempted to leave him, he became violent. Grabbing her and trying to stop her from leaving him, he slapped her, she fell backwards and crashed through a glass table at her parents home. After this, she swore she wanted to understand more about the human condition and why he acted like he did. Thus, developing a need to become a counsellor in order to help people through difficult times as her counsellor did for her.



Unsure of her path, Erin excelled in languages and psychology at her school. after a particularly harrowing incident, she realised that she wanted to help people and began to devour books on counselling. Well educated, particularly with an interest in medieval history, archery and languages.

Pre-Starfleet History


Erin knew from the age of 17 she wanted to become a counsellor and help people so she spent her summer before the academy working as an intern at a private practice in Santiago. Applying to the Academy, she told no-one her parents were already enlisted as she wanted to make her own way and follow her own path.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Scar on her left shoulder from the incident when she was 17. She chose not to have it healed as a reminder to herself that she got through that.



Empathetic Excellent listener Understanding Calm under pressure and when confronted. Nothing much phases her.



Erin is a bit of cheeky but respectful to her superiors. Her Irish and Latina sides can provide a bit of a fire in her humour. She, understandably, has some issues when it comes to allowing people to get close to her but, if the right person can break down her walls, she is a loving and loyal friend.



Loves to take her bow and quiver and practice her skill. Also, whenever the opportunity arises, Erin loves to ride horses.

Heinrich waved his scruffy brown hair out of his eyes and found himself in a 20th century style jail cell. Across from him was another cell, occupied by Trinity Frost. The only other entity in the room was a man in an all black starfleet uniform. He saw him shake his head. “Interesting…” the entity said. He had no idea what was going on. Just a few moments ago he was on set, now he’s in a cell. Though, in some way, it was really no different. He began to suspect that this entity had something to do with the simulation. He was somewhat exhilerated by this realization, but he was also overcome with shock. All he could manage was a feeble, “What?”

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