Region of Space

Star Trek : Freedom has been relocated to Mars and we play our game in Sector 001 but our fleet is spread out, looking to restart the Federation. We've come across old friends who want to rejoin and others who aren't so sure!

Our region of space contains Starfleet HQ, Mars and its facilities and the interesting links between the civilian authorities and Starfleet. This should open up plenty of scope for exploration with the fleet, rediscovering the Federation.

Core Planets

As we rediscover our new universe, serveral planets have been discovered again, here is what we know so far!


Posture to the Federation



Still members

Perhaps the only planet where psychic powers are used in evidence. Illuminar currently in the Argelius system. Relationship good.


Left, wants to return

Left, about to rejoin, Starbase Freedom helped bring them back



Expanding in old romulan space


Still members

The Vulcan Defense Fleet is in process of merging with Starfleet once again having exchanged officers and repurposed some exploratory long range vessels and provided them to the fleet. Trade and relations are growing. The neural regeneration facilities and general medical are once again open to fleet use.



Relations between the Federation and Andorian Planetary Alliance (6 worlds) are thawing. Some trade routed indirectly to the Federation through Starbase Freedom. Unlikely to rejoin the Federation in the near future. Long term is unclear but an exchange of ambassadors is possible. (If we are following Star Trek main continuity, at some point the Andorians will openly seek other alliances {Orion Syndicate ST: Disco})


Still Member

(not sure, but I remember reading they still were back over a year ago-Will)

(Indeed. They were diametrically opposed to the Andorian withdrawal but then again when have the Andorians and Tellarites ever seen eye to eye? - Charles)


New Members.< 10 yrs

Only due to recent changes in government (not run by military and more civilian oversight of military and obsidian order) large resource boon gained from Cardassian space boost for Federation economy.


Neutral. Trade relationship.

May be open to a cultural exchange under the right circumstances. (Todd thinking of SPC)


Still member







Breen pirates did come close to Mars


Still member

Relationship strained on civilian side. Religious hard liners lost power with the disappearance of Dean Vedek Horavei but are still a force. Kai Hetel Krevi is an ally and sent aid to help the Sharlayans. (Some of the population had a hard time accepting Cardassia joining as well, this attitude partially fed the Prophet's Fire movement recently engaged by Exeter crew - Todd)


Still member

Exeter visited them. Relationship ok.





The Republic wishes to join.

Covering only a fraction of space that was formerly the empire. They wish to join the federation. They are the only government faction with current interest in joining. The republic represents 11 planets.  They have been in contact with Trill's government and have seen how much Trill has benefited from their relationship with the federation. Breakthroughs on treatments for Tuvan syndrome by the Williams-Verin medical institute on Trill have been used to treat a large scale of cases throughout the population of the republic.
The Romulan Republic is headed by supporters of the reunificationist movement , hoping to reconnect with their vulcan cousins. Other Romulan republic has no conflicts to report on with klingon empire at the moment, but if the Klingons cross into one of their star systems with aggressive intentions they will be met with unrelenting force by the 3rd Republic fleet in defense of the citizens who live there. The Republic severely hopes that this doesn't happen.  In late 2445 the Romulan Republic and The United Federation of Planets launched an officer exchange program which not only aims to cross train personnel but also share technology.


Still member

Not 100% sure.

(Caitains are an interesting race being hermaphrodites and we did have one player on Exeter playing one. If we are going off of a PC race needing to be from a Federation world this would be one. Al has also introduced a Magillan in game, an old SPC named Bohb. The Magillans however appear to be standoffish and not open to relations much as one of the characters on Disco. The alien who was Captain for a while- Charles)
(I remember Bohb. Al did a ton of work for Magillans making them into a proud and interesting race - Todd)


Still a member

Exeter just vacationed there


Neutral, peace is good for business

While individual Ferengi have joined Starfleet, The FTC has remained politically neutral, as they would not deprive themselves from the opportunity to sell to the Federation's enemies.

Sy found herself on the Ranch on Earth but recognized that the plants around her were Betazoid in origin... around her she saw the dessicated bodies of her father and mother. No fluids anywhere, no sign of how they died. She reached out one finger to touch her Mother's papyrus like face. That touch caused the body of her Mother, Admiral Sophie Verin of Strategic Operations to blow away, dust on the wind blowing in from the door. That wind also took the body of her Father, leaving her nothing to mourn.

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