The Charter
Change Proposal (Ratified 11th November 2019)


Star Trek: Freedom (STF) has to change and adapt to a new generation of players, with a new interest in Trek around the world, a lack of development of the game, a deteriorating membership, a failing website but a group of fantastic core players who still want to play, we’re in a position to adjust the game. The relaunch will springboard STF into a place where we can announce to anyone listening that we’re ready to accept new members, to provide more of our unique experience and begin to grow the game once more.


STF has enjoyed a long existence, more than any and the reason we’re still here is not because of new members, its because we have a group of core players who refuse to stop playing, who love this game. We need to support them and begin to address the issues that are preventing us from expanding. We’ve not changed our formula overly since it’s foundation in 2003, we’ve seen a steady decline in ships, members and application. The game needs to consolidate, reorganise, revamp and then relaunch into a new brave world. There are potentially new members out there.

Many Council Level, Command Level and other members site being unable to play due to time commitments. This is unacceptable going forward. This is a game and it's designed for pleasure, for fun but a level of commitment is needed. Anyone not willing to commit, cannot be a member of STF.

Phase 1: Steps

  • The Council members will vote on the proposal. If the majority agree to this proposal, the plan will be implemented. Many steps, goals and development will happen along the journey, but Anthony has the master plan and will lead and be responsible for the change of the game and have ultimate control about all aspects, from beginning to relaunch.

  • The current STF council session will end with current members will hand in their resignation and recommit themselves to the relaunch in any capacity they feel suits them.

  • All command level members will relinquish their positions, including any Commanding Officers, First Officers and Second Officers.

  • Both current PC ships will be retired in whatever way is fitting to the present crews

  • All members who remain will be reassigned to Earth while they wait for reassignment. This will be a time of rest, reflection and development for them

  • The core team develop the new game and prepare for the relaunch, site development and advertising.

  • The relaunch happens, a single PC station with all the crews together.

Phase 2

During the first mission, the members will find their feet and a new command structure will develop depending on their commitment and other factors.



We’re going to lose people. This will because of a number of factors :

  • Members will be unwilling to take a demotion

  • Members who do not post (lurking), will be asked to leave

  • Members will not like what’s happened to their ship and leave

  • Members who do not like other members will leave


  • The core group of members post together

  • We develop an updated game identity

  • The community will see our activity as we promote the game

  • We start to grow again and begin a period of expansion


  • A working game will all members working together for its benefit

  • Fun for all

  • Expanding the game with new members

  • Updated sense of identity



The proposal is to reset STF so that we can bring in all members together, bring the game to a point where it's functioning as a whole so that it can be relaunched as an entity so we can start to grow once again. This cannot happen until the foundation, the scaffolding of the game is correctly set. This means resetting everyone from the Council to the Ships and redoing the plotline within our identity of STF.


Early November: the council debates the motion to reset
Mid-November till end of Dec:  the game reorganises including plotlines, website, graphics
January 2020: Relaunch of game

Contact for discussion

Anthony can be contacted via his STF email address: or in the Discord chat for DM in real time

Sy found herself on the Ranch on Earth but recognized that the plants around her were Betazoid in origin... around her she saw the dessicated bodies of her father and mother. No fluids anywhere, no sign of how they died. She reached out one finger to touch her Mother's papyrus like face. That touch caused the body of her Mother, Admiral Sophie Verin of Strategic Operations to blow away, dust on the wind blowing in from the door. That wind also took the body of her Father, leaving her nothing to mourn.

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