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The Federation has lost its way and become vulnerable to any hostile force that opposes, several member worlds have left, and it’s a dark, unpredictable time.

Admiral Remae Ktell is assigned to run the newly reinvented Mars Defence Perimeter (MDP), the Federation has decided to rebuild from the inside out. Andor has taken any technology that belonged to them and that was heavily weaponry. Firstly, by protecting its core assess, starting with Sol System. The Admiral is tasked with not only overseeing the combined station but building a team to catapult Starfleet back into the Alpha Quadrant. The new team must go out and find out what’s happening with the fleet, outposts and allies of the Federation. Who is a friend and who is not?

Star Trek : Freedom is an email game, based in the year 2444. 2 years ago, we revamped our game, which was founded in 1997 and brought it up to date with the current canon timeline which includes, the destruction of Romulus and the idea of a contracting Federation, that will eventually turn into what we’ve seen in from Discovery.

Although we love playing around the timeline of The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager, the shows are old, we’ve explored them for decades and we’re attempting to refresh our game to not only include a new generation of younger players but also appear to the old.

We hope you will join us and hope you like what you see.


Sy found herself on the Ranch on Earth but recognized that the plants around her were Betazoid in origin... around her she saw the dessicated bodies of her father and mother. No fluids anywhere, no sign of how they died. She reached out one finger to touch her Mother's papyrus like face. That touch caused the body of her Mother, Admiral Sophie Verin of Strategic Operations to blow away, dust on the wind blowing in from the door. That wind also took the body of her Father, leaving her nothing to mourn.

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