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Xega III

The USS Rosenante is dispatched on a routine resupply mission for the archeological survey team located on Xega III.

The team led by Doctor Otto Totenkampf has been studying the ruins of the ancient Xegan civilization for nearly three decades.

Among the tasks assigned to the crew of the Rosenante are standard planetary scans, launch of a pair of orbital satellites to aid the survey team, as well as assisting in planetary thermal and tectonic studies.

Because the planet orbits an Orange giant star which constantly bombards the planet with stellar radiation, which seems to have gathered in the upper ionosphere, the use of transporters is impossible.

The resupply, consisting of a mobile habitation unit, medical and foods supplies, as well as a replacement Argo Class Shuttle and rover must all be undertaken by shuttlecraft.

Shortly after arriving on the planet however, a strange energy reading is detected from a newly uncovered archeological site. This energy source is emanating from the Balancer Machine, a legendary Xegan construct which was rumored to be able to prevent the planet from being ravaged by the very solar radiation that had caused the decline of the culture that created it.

Suddenly the machine activated, perhaps for the very first time. Massive monoliths burst from the ground every feww hundred miles and rose into the planet's upper ionosphere. There they began to collect the radiation that was present and generate massive amounts of power into some unseen machine deep beneath the planet's surface.

The crew of the Rosenante evacuated the archeological team and broke orbit to pbserve from a safer distance, as the monoliths were now creating massive storms in the planet's thin atmosphere.

After the monoliths gathered energy for a period of roughly two standard days, a buildup was detected in one of the monoliths and a massive beam of light erupted from that monolith travelling towards the planet's sun.

The affects of that massive energy beam, is unknown however, as at that exact moment, a massive temporal displacement wave, comprised of Chronitons and an unidentified particle known as Seylerions entered the system moving at a speed greater than warp ten.

The Rosenante was caught up in it and was thrust 5 years into the future.

The Future

Once the wave had subsided, the crew of the Rosenante began to check their ship's systems, most notably their chronometers. The wave had caused some minor ships issues, the most serious of whihc was a disruption in the ship's warp drive systems.

As the crew began repairs and went to work verifying that they had indeed been moved froward in time, Captain Salid ordered a communication sent to Starfleet Command to inform them of the event.

He was surprised to see that the Rosenante's communications codes were invalid. At first he received no reply, but eventually, he was contacted by an admiral from command and ordered to hold position. Furthermore he was ordered to maintain a communications blackout, and to await an escort to an unknwon location.

Ever suspicious, Captain Salid complied, but prepared his ship for the worst.


The Rosenante was met and escorted to Khitomer by three Federation starships, one of which was a Rosenante Class vessel.

Once they arrived, it was rather apparent that something massive had happened. A large number of starships from the 52nd Fleet had assembled here, along with an even greater number of escorts.

Captain Salid was ordered to beam down to Camp Khitomer alone and await a debriefing.

He arrived in the early morning, and was greeted by the sights and sounds of dozens of ship's commanding officers. Including those from the USS Mithrandir, USS Spectre, USS Hades, USS Furious, and USS Boudicca.

In addition to these officers, Admiral Robert LoDona was brought out of retirement to conduct the debriefing.

Questions concerning the events which brought them here were asked and it quickly became apparent that nearly the entire 52nd Fleet had been affected by the same phenomenon that had pushed the USS Rosenante forward in time.

Further individual interviews were conducted with the Commanding Officers of the assembled starships before they were allowed to return to their vessels.

Later Starfleet Science teams came aboard and scanned the ship, conducting a series of tests designed to verify the story that had been provided for the disappearance of the ships five years earlier.

In addition to those teams, Starfleet Intelligence also came aboard to interview various members of the Rosenante's crew.

After two days of studies and interviews, the rosenante was released from the Khitomer system and headed for Starbase Geneva.

There they underwent some retraining and some minor refits to bring them up to specifications with the technological and professional advances of the last five years.

It was during this time that Commander Jennifer Caskie resigned, as she had discovered that her son Ian had gone missing during the five years prior.

She was discharged from service.


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