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Ensign Narvak
Name: Narvak
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthplace: TMS Ekral
Species: Tellarite
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6-foot 1-inch
Weight: 240-pounds
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Brown/Tan
Current rank: Ensign JG
Current Position: Science Officer
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenante
Status: Active

Physical Description:

Narvak is a stout Tellarite, a little taller than average. His beard is shorter then most, owing to the many lab accidents.

Family and Background:

Narvak was born to Besva and Grivak of the TMS Ekral, a tramp freighter. While Besva was pregnant with Narvak, his brother- Skax and sister- Ruth, the ship suffered major engineering causality. Stranded off the major shipping lines, their chances of getting rescued were slight. Fortunately, the USS Quasar, a Nova class starship came to the rescue of the stranded freighter. The Quasar, commanded by Captain Julie Ruth Jorgenson, was able to repair the ship. In her gratitude, Besva named her only daughter after the Starfleet captain and “encouraged” her mate to send Narvak to Starfleet Preparatory Academy, when he was 14.


Narvak attended Starfleet Preparatory Academy and received a general studies Diploma, midway through his second year, Narvak changed his propulsion systems track to geodynamics, in what he later described as a two week binge culminating in a poor decision of epic proportions.

Pre-Starfleet History:

Narvak was raised on a freighter and although he spent very little time planetside, he always a little curious about the how a planet went along with its business. On his 14th birthday his father informed him that he was going to school on earth and that he would serve in Starfleet. Not given so much as a day to think about it, Narvak felt that he was being exiled and resented his father for many years

Starfleet History:

His tour in the Academy was colorful mostly due to the fact that Navak was fond of arguing and often switched sides, he would argue against what he proposed minutes before. This habit often confused and annoyed his classmates. His other passion was to jury-rig when he was bored or as he described as ‘repurposing’ which earned him an awe-inspiring swath of black marks. The most notable event was when he ‘repurposed’ a hull magnetic resonator and a mark 7 survey unit into a mass driver.

Medical History:

No injuries or illnesses of note.


While he has a degree in the earth sciences field, he is somewhat knowledgeable in other science fields. He has a natural mechanical aptitude and tends to be a little destructive when he is bored.


One would not consider arguing a hobby, but for Narvak it becomes an art form. Aside from taking things apart and reading research relating to his specialty, Narvak enjoys social functions and in his quieter times playing the harp.