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Jasmin Mohandas

Jasmin Mohandas is a Starfleet officer currently serving aboard the USS Pangaea as ACMO. She had made the rank of Lieutenant, during the Federation Civil War.

She was serving aboard the Pangaea during the battle of Sector 001 with the Doenitz loyal 1st Defense Fleet. During that time she was responsible for aiding in the repulsion of Starfleet Marines that had boarded her ship and were executing wounded personnel in the Pangaea sickbay.

Her actions caused the direct death of those marines, and resulted in a post- Federation Civil War trial for war crimes.

Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid testified at her trial and the result was that she was found not guilty for the murders of the Marines. Despite this, she was reduced in rank, although since then she has regained it.

She and Salid have a long distance romantic relationship underway.