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Jack O'Lar
Name: Jack O'Lar
Rank: Captain
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 36
Status: Active, In charge of Battle Group

Jack O'Lar comes from Ireland on Earth, he is currently in charge of the Battle Group Trojan Theta which are one of the main battle groups within the Mars Defense Perimeter which Jack worked so hard on for may years. He leads the Battle Group Trojan Theta from his flagship the USS Blaze of Glory a Prometheus class battle ship.

Jack's Biography

Character Physical Description

  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Black/Brown
  • Height: 6 foot
  • Weight: 134lbs
  • Blood Colour: Red
  • Skin Colour: White/Tanned
  • Physical Description: Jack is a reasonably handsome man for his age group. He keeps fit by taking on his own grueling physical programs he creates forces his crew to put themselves through everyday. His physical training taught him many ways to keep fit and in essence keep alive longer, 'stay living longer than the competition and you've won' is one of Jacks more famous well known lines among his senior officers.

History, Education and Medical

  • Family and Background: Jack was brought up as an orphan, his parents both died at his birth and he believes that his parents families are also all dead, as he cannot to this day find any trace of them. His grim upbringing could be said is reflected in his emotional status, always very edgy and willing to take a chance or a leap of faith into the unknown, he is a very untrustworthy person who is never fully one sided in an argument. Someone you cant win against as they believe both viewpoints could be correct. Being the 'outsider' for most of his life he appreciates the view of others but never fully takes it on board, a very driven person it will take allot to make Jack falter of any path he has already chosen to walk.
  • Education: As Jack was an orphan, he was taught all the basic skills within the orphanage he lived in. When he became old enough to go to a 'proper' school, it was quickly realized that Jack had a short fuse which would ignite at the smallest and most trivial problems. He was taken out of primary education and placed back into the orphanage's own school, where he spent most of his schooling life until he was able to leave the orphanage. The orphanage was located in Ireland, Earth.
  • Starfleet History: Once Jack was able to leave the orphanage he did a small amount of 'soul searching' to find himself, he traveled far and wide throughout the closer galaxies on public transports trying to find what he wanted to do with his life. Finally he settled down back on Earth and joined the 'ETP' academy (Earths Tactical Perimeter Academy) and majored in Tactical Physics, Dimensional Tactics and Fleet Tactics. Once graduating with medium grades he went onto work with the ETP group, which mainly focused on the MDP in conjunction with Starfleet any other major corporations interested in keeping Earth protected from any imminent threat such as the Borg. He lead several 'breakthrough' teams in the defenses of MDP, with making significant progress for the defense of Earth he was recruited by the organization 'Starfleet.' At first he declined the job offer as he was happy working with ETP on MDP. However when Starfleet offered him a better position, his greed took over and lunged for the new job. This job brought several new complications and wondrous breakthroughs for the Tactical planning of the defense of Earth. He was commissioned with the rank of 'Commander' and given his own ship and crew to help with the defense of Earth giving Jack the time to see his designs and work's in progress. He was promoted to Captain and due to his qualifications put in charge of the Battle Group Trojan Theta, as the Starfleet civil war began. This group consisted of 30 different sized ships. The control he was given pleased him slightly and he began to see himself as a very important person in Rodrigo Doenitz's main plan.
  • Medical History: No medical problems to note.