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Senior Chief Petty Officer Ian Callaghan is a Science NCO on the USS Okinawa

Ian Callaghan
Name: Killian Bartholomew Callaghan
Rank: Scpomed2.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 37
Position: Scientific Personnel
Ship: USS Okinawa
Status: NPC

Physical Details

Biographical Information

Name:Ian Callaghan



Birthplace: Earth


Eye Colour:Green

Hair Colour:Brown


Weight:215 lbs

IBS Blood Colour:Red

Skin Colour:White

Physical Description

He is somewhat tall, muscular, with brown hair, green eyes, and white skin.


Has had numerous burns.

Biographical Details


Ian is of Irish descent, and he grew up on Earth. After failing to gain admission to the Academy, he enlisted and has been serving in Starfleet ever since. He is a widower. His wife, a nurse on board the USS Atlas, was killed during an accident while the two were staioned on the USS Richmond. Ian then sent his son to live on Earth with his parents. He is currently on the USS Boudicca.


High School

Pre Starfleet

Enlisted at the age of 18 after failing to gain admission to the Academy

Starfleet Career

USS Avenger

USS Avenger

This was the first ship Ian was stationed on and he served there from 2389 to 2393. The Avenger was an Excelsior Class ship and Ian served in the Science department. In 2390 he was promoted to Crewman Apprentice, in 2391 he was promoted to Crewman. In 2393 he was promoted to Petty Offier 3rd Class and transferred to the USS Atlas.

USS Atlas

USS Atlas

The USS Atlas is a galaxy class ship. Ian served there in the Science Department from 2393 to 2398. On board the Atlas he met his future wife Maria Rhodes when he was burned in a lab expirment. She was a nurse on the Atlas and they fell in love at first sight. They were married in 2394, and there first and only child, Jonathan Callaghan was born in 2395. In 2394 he was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class, and in 2395 he was promoted to Petty Officer First Class. In 2398 he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and was transferred to the USS Richmond.

USS Richmond

USS Richmond

The USS Richmond is a New Orleans Class Ship. Ian served there from 2398 to 2406. In 2400 his wife Maria was killed in an accident. He sent his son to live on earth with his parents in 2406. Also in 2406 he was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer and transferred to the USS Raven.

USS Raven

USS Raven

Ian was stationed briefly on the USS Raven were he was to eventually be transferred to Starbase Geneva.

Starbase Geneva

Starbase Geneva

Ian was on Starbase Geneva for a brief period of time, and kept mostly to himself. He did get a case of the 24 hour flu after arriving on the station. He was soon transferred to the USS Boudicca.

USS Boudicca

USS Boudicca

Like Geneva, Ian has kept to himself on the Boudicca and stayed mostly out of the way.

USS Okinawa

USS Okinawa

Currently science NCO on the Okinawa

Other Information




Good skills with Astronomy, and Chemistry, is an expert in thigs that go BOOM


Has a son living on Earth, Widower

Grant Archie was played by Will Banowsky