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The Rosenante heads back to Starbase Geneva

After escaping from The Harvester the USS Rosenante returns to Starbase Geneva for repairs and to give the crew some much needed downtime after their ordeal.

During the three month refit, several members of the crew go on extended leave. Among those is Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Caskie whose return to her Home in Scotland is under less than ideal circumstances. Her trip is one of necessity rather than desire. She is escorting home the body of her long dead husband Donald Caskie, who was a member of the USS Epiphany crew. Event though he had been decalred dead nearly two decades earlier, it was disovered that Donald was actually reclaimed by the Kobali aboard the Harvester. His second death too place during a failed attempt to restore himself to his former life after successfuly restoring Lieutenant T'Larah Sullivan to her previous Vulcan / Human heritage after she was killed and reclaimed by the Kobali after a Hur'q raid.

Additionally, Chance Raschen and T'Larah Sullivan are accompanied by Lietenant T'Kron to Vulcan where they will participate in the ancient Vulcan ritual of Fal-tor-pan. raschen is the recipient of Sullivan's Katra after she transferred to him just prior to her death at the hand of a Hur'q subcommander.

Meanwhile back aboard the Rosenante, the ship puts on a masquarade party to help revieve some work related tensions. This party is hosted by Lieutenant Thomas Jackson. Councilor Jon Nayati ,the ship's third officer, attends as does Ensign Mitena Rixx, Head nurse Katherine 'Kitty' Fisher and Doctor Sam Lopez.

Elsewhere, Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid enjoys a nice relaxing leave on Bracas V where he enjoys some snorkling and sailing. His trip, however is cut short by a mysterious visit from a Dominion Vorta named Julman and an attending group of Jem'Hadar soldiers. He isn't seriously injured although one of the Jem'Hadar are less than pleasant. Other than the initial disagreement, the remainder of the meeting goes along well enough. Julman reveals a terrible peice of information to Salid.

The content of that secret will drive him to consider teking the Rosenante off mission. Is hea leading his ship and crew into a possible Dominion trap or is there a possibility that the information that the Vorta revealed could be true. If it is true, the very future of the Alpha Quadrant may be at risk.

A few days prior to the relaunch of the Rosenante, Sullivan is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Raschen to Full Lieutenant and Caskie to Full Commander.


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