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Starbase Geneva

The crew of the Rosenante is granted Furlough, while critical inspections concerning the Spiral drive are undertaken. Captain Salid is forced to demote Lieutenant Janeway by BUPERS from the position of first officer and is assigned a newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Caskie to the position.

The Rosenante also takes on some new senior Crew. Ahmed is reunited with Tom Jackson with whom he served aboard the Nimitz, in the position of Chief of Operations. Additionally the arrival of Lieutenant Nayati to fill the position of Chief Counselor and third Officer is a welcomed event.

In other news, Salid is saddened by the transfer of Lieutenant Ro'Dal who has been reassigned to the USS Mithrandir.

The Captain and his new FO go for a holographic sailing trip on the Mediterranean in a get to know you cruise, and Salid approves Sullivan's departure for the Advanced Tactical Theories Academy on Andoria.


USS Rosenante Missions
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