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Starbase Geneva

With the return of the USS Rosenante and the USS Furious to Starbase Geneva, refits and repairs from their encounter in the Sunali System began. With the work taking a great deal of the crews time and efforts, Captain Salid is repeatedly called before members of the admiralty to discuss the unsanctioned nature of his mission as well as reveal details and records of the Omega Conspiracy.

In addition to the briefings and meetings centered around the conspiracy, an official tribunal was called to inquire into the destruction of the Courageous during the battle at Sunali II.

Meanwhile the crew enjoys some much needed downtime and decide to go for a night's entertainment at the "Lonely Tribble" Karaoke bar on Starbase Geneva. Of course their night of relaxation wouldn't be complete with out a bar brawl.

Later there are several personnel changes and promotions.


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