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Dr Dale Bracken
Dr Dale Bracken.jpg
Name: Dale Bracken
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Birthplace: USS Ark Royal
Species: Human
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood Colour: Red
Skin Colour: Caucasian
Current rank: Captain
Current Position: Commanding Officer
Assignment: USS Hades
The USS Hades
Status: active

Physical Description

Dale has long black hair that she generally keeps pushed behind her ears. She is good looking, but years of study have left a small furrow on her brow, and generally carries a smile, except when she is engrossed on a problem.

Family and Background

Mother: Retd. Marine 2L Leola Bracken

Father: Retd. MCPO Kingsley Bracken

Daughter: Aimee Bracken (currently living with Dale's mother, former 2L Leola Bracken.)


-Starfleet Academy -Starfleet Science

Pre-Starfleet History

Dale was born on board a Fleet Ship, living on board with her Mother and Father. Her mother was apparently killed in a hull breach when Dale was 7; Dale’s Father remained in the fleet until she was 12, when he retired, taking up the offer of an engineering position in a research institute. During compulsory education, Dale worked alongside her father and the scientists of the institute, developing a passion and love for Physics. After compulsory education she turned down an offer of a junior position, returning to her studies and entered Starfleet academy.

Starfleet History

- USS Dennison – Assistant Chief Science Officer - 6 months

- USS Dennison – Chief Science Officer - 1 year

- USS Dennison – CSO/acting Second Officer – 6 months

- USS Dennison – CSO/Second Officer - 1 year

- USS Mithrandir - CSO/Second Officer - 1 month

- Medically removed from duty – 5 years

- Recalled to active duty

- USS Hades – Assistant Chief Science Officer

- USS Hades – Chief Science Officer

- USS Hades - Appointed Second Officer in addition to CSO position.

- USS Hades - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Appointed First Officer.

- USS Hades - Promoted to Captain and Appointed Commanding Officer.


Dale's work with the Institute helped her beyond measure at the academy, coming out in the top 2 percent of her class. An exceptionally intelligent woman, calm in a crisis. Adept with the ancient English Longbow and quarterstaff.


Enjoys adrenaline rich activities such as orbital jumps, she was on the academy team. Dale is also interested in medieval warfare.

General Notes

Following graduation from the academy; Dale became ACSO under Lt. Jewort Trewe, designer of the Indefatigable Class Dennison. Under his tutelage she bacame part of Project Darkstar; an Omega Classified research project to design a dark matter/antimatter powered vessel. It is understood, though unconfirmed that she was part of the Advanced Ship design arm of the project. Most of the designs and files were destroyed as the USS Dennison suffered severe damage that resulted in it's removal from service. It was actions such as this, and other highly classified papers written by the young Lieutenant that first brought her to the attention of the murkier aspects of Starfleet Intel.

Following severe brain trauma at least twice in the line of duty, it is recommended to any CMO that Dale serves with should monitor Dale on a much more regular period than is normal. Primarily to check for a reoccurrence of a sub-dural haematoma that was sustained by a sharp blow to the head. Secondly, to monitor the affects of Telepathic scarring folowing her treatment under the hands of Fleet Intel. In addition to Dale's Personal History, it seems that her mother was incorrectly listed as deceased, Fleet Intel reminds us that she was in fact MIA, and has made a re-appearance, being recalled to active duty under the rank of Marine 2L, formerly Marine XO on the Dennison and Mithrandir, whereabouts currently classified.


Current Mission

Dale is currently in Command of one of the away teams on the surface of Lertarni IV who are on a Priority Search and Rescue mission of a missing Fleet Scientist. She is posing as an Aggellia, a middle ranking Priestess of the Order of Cerrina, The Sun Goddess, and has made numerous contacts with local clergy. Amongst whom, a Brother Ianos, an AlectoPriest of the Order of Surantor, the Sun God. Ianos seems to have developed a natural immunity to the plague that is ravaging the populace of Lertani IV.

Ianos has provided some assistance in the main objective, informing Dale that a supposed witch was taken through the village for trial. The search for the missing scientist has been hampered by plague in the village, and Dale, Ensign Mil Nicholae, and Ensign Re'ona have given treatment to an infected young girl, in the perhaps vain attempt at rescuing her.