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D'askto was the Chief scientist charged with developing a plan to save some aspects of the Tkon Empire after a supernova threatened to wipe out his entire species. Considered the most advanced intellect of his time, D'askto lived during the Age of Makto, roughly 65,000 standard years before the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

His greatest contribution to the Tkon was the development of the Tkon Nanosphere on Dovek II. The device was designed in two stages. The first protoype sphere was smaller and developed to test certain scientific theories before being upscaled into the fully functional model. The second stages was the development of the fully functional model, which was launched although not as intended.

In 2414, the Borg traveled back to the Age of Makto to Dovek II with the intention of assimilating the Tkon Nanosphere. They had been thwarted in the present by the combined crews of the USS Rosenante ad the USS Boudicca. In a bold maneuver, the Borg leader, Volus decided to travel backwards through time in order to assimilate the Sphere in the past. He did not anticipate the ability for the two federation ships to follow him.

The Borg managed to transport Borg Drones to the surface of the planet where the device was undergoing its final preparations for launch. They then proceeded to assimilate the Tkon personnel there. D'askto managed to avoid assimilation and managed to sabotage the smaller prototype sphere, which the Borg had attempted to assimilate in the future. He was unable to prevent the Borg from assuming control of the Larger more functional Sphere before he was mortally injured.

in the end, it was his mind in the form of the Advanced Reasoning Network, Adrene that aided the pursuing Federation starships to prevent the Borg from achieving their goal. With both D'askto and Adrene, dead, the Tkon empire had no scientists remaining nor resources to prevent it's destruction. Ironically, it was discovered that it was the destruction of the Tkon Nanosphere that had killed off the dinosaurs on Earth when it crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula during the Cretaceous Period of Earth's Prehistory. Without this event it is likely that Human life may never have evolved and therefore that the Federation would have never existed at all.

The D'askto was first seen in the USS Boudicca and USS Rosenante joint mission Once More Into The Breach