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Character Physical Description

Eye Colour Brown

Hair Colour Brown

Height 5'10

Weight 170

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour White

Physical Description Handsome and strong, the remainder of an optical implant is all that’s left of a sordid past.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background

Wife – Judith Donaldson (whereabouts unknown – now a borg drone) assimilated by the borg in 2392 (during the borg siege on Deep Space 14). Both parents deceased – officers aboard DS14 – both died in duty prior to the borg invasion.


Dropped out of highschool to play Dabo full time, Starfleet Academy Tactical Officer training, small arms specialist training.

Pre-Starfleet History

Chuck was a civilian (dabo gambler) aboard station Deep Space 14 when the entire station was assimilated by the borg. The Sphere he was assigned to experienced a faze variance when traveling through the Mythril Nebula (formerly unidentified). The Hive link was interrupted long enough for Chuck to disable the sphere. The surviving (unlinked) drones were rescued by a passing vessel - the USS Gryphon. Chuck received a Civilian commendation from the Captain of the USS Gryphon for his role in the incident. Chuck applied to Starfleet to avenge DS14 against the borg and other threats.

Starfleet History

Because of his tactical apptitude as a cadet Chuck was given a commission as a tactical officer. Serving first aboard the USS Gryphon and now aboard the USS Spectre.

Medical History

The inactive nanomachines pose no immediate threat to Chuck, or anyone else for that matter. Unlike most individuals whose nanomachines are active and whose personality is affected. Chuck shows no such restraint. He is essentially the same as he was before his assimilation. Because of this bizarre effect Starfleet may ask from time to time to study Chuck more thoroughly . . . he still has much to contribute to starfleet's knowledge of the borg.


While Chuck does indeed have the Borg Nanomachines present in his Blood stream they are completely Inert – a permanent residual effect of the Mythril Nebula. Chuck had most of his Borg implants removed after his rescue by the USS Gryphon. Finding the Ocular Implant difficult to remove Chuck decided to leave it in permanently. Chuck is a natural gambler and will calculate the odds of success with a somber “poker face”.

Other Information


Any game of skill and/or luck entices Chuck. He is most famous for his dabo exploits and will not hesitate to take all of your money. He is known to the Ferengi as "demon" for his prowess and is forbidden to play in many Ferengi run establishments (due to his accusing the Grand Nagus of cheating in 2389).

General Notes

Chuck can occasionally have a hot temper but exhibits manic-depressive symptoms. Chuck is more savant than genius . . . he is a natural at any skilled trade. Chuck prefers action above conversation and considers implied orders just as strong as verbal commands.