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Character Physical Description

Eye Colour Brown

Hair Colour Brown

Height 6'6"

Weight 250

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour Tanned

Physical Description

Carl is broadly built with a genial expression. He has short hair and can be quite imposing if he puts his mind to it and sometimes even when he doesn't.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background

Carl has one twin brother, Raymond. They were orphaned at a young age and were raised by a half sister. He will always protect his brother and do anything for him.


Carl originally joined up in security, but switched to medical later.

Pre-Starfleet History

Prior to joining Star Fleet, he lived with his brother and half sister on the Terra Nova. He went to school and worked for a mining company.

Starfleet History

When he entered Starfleet he joined tactical in order to defend the weak, something he was naturally inclined due to his large size. However, after an altercation where he accidentally killed someone, he decided to switch to medical.

Medical History

In exceptional health with no current medical issues


Carl is trained in security skills and is still receiving medical training as a nurse.

Other Information


Carl enjoys games of chance as well as being very familiar with beverages of choice.

General Notes

Carl is the stereotypical gentle giant. He is not the sharpest person, but does his best at whatever task he is asked to accomplished. If he does not know how to accomplish a goal, he will go to his brother for help.