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Arysha tethlin.jpg
Arysha Tethlin
Name: Arysha Tethlin
Rank: Ensjgopseng.jpg
Awards: None
Gender: Female
Species: Atrean
Age: 34
Position: Engineer
Ship: USS Hades
Status: Active

Physical Description

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black with single white stripe

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 165 lbs

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Caucasian

Arysha is a mid-height Atrean female with the typically large, shell-like ears of her species. Is always seen wearing black, shimmering gloves, a vox and silver framed glasses.

History and Education

Educated by her parents, both independent theoretical engineers who worked on several space stations in collaberation with Federation engineerings.

Family and Background

Parents are Canek and Timil Tethlin. Is an only child. Owns a cat she calls Bashtet. (B-Cat - see name signs below)


Homeschooled by her parents.

Personal History

2378: Born on Science Station Tango Sierra.

2384: Family lived aboard the USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701) where her parents served as Civilian Science Experts.

2387: Family moved to Ohniaka IV Research Station

2393: Family lived aboard the USS Trial (NCC-1948). Her parents served as Science experts and Arysha was occasionally brought in as a computer coder, owing to her high degree of skill.

2398: Family moved to Starbase Geneva

2401 - 05: Starfleet Academy Cadet Arysha was recommended and sponsored as a Cadet by Captain John M. Dwyer of the Starfleet Engineering Corps.

2405: Graduated Starfleet Academy.

Pre-Starfleet History

Travelled to many locations with her parents.

Starfleet History


Starfleet Academy Graduate

Promoted to Ensign (jg) and assigned to USS Hades as a junior engineer.


Participated in first active Bridge Duty. Stationed at the Engineering console of the Plegathon Battle Bridge during the battle with the Waagoshin. Was instrumental in retrieving the rescue teams aboard the Waagoshin Space Station before said station exploded due to an overload in the weaponry matrices.


On active duty aboard the USS Hades when the entirety of the 52nd Fleet re-entered the timeline 5 years following its dissapearance.

Medical History

Nothing of note. Completely (Profoundly) Deaf


Active Mission

Witch Hunt

Missing scientists, Prime Directive violations and something more than meets the eye. What will become of the Hades?

Prior Missions

Lay Over

The Machinations of Erebos

A Day in the Sun

The Sphere of Terror

Reflections in the Sand

A Rule of Conscience

Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided

Other Information


Is a highly skilled compputer programmer.

Primary mode of communication is manual sign language. Denotes familiar crew mates by Sign Names (names using an alphabetized sign in relation to their work or a physical attribute).

List of Sign Names and their "owners" (alphabetical):

D-Boss - CEO Lieutenant Darla Wright (Medical discommendation, USS Hades)

E-Red - ACEO Ensign Eoin Mac Liam (USS Hades)

L-Music - CTAC/SEC Lieutenant Lo'ren T'Vof (Current assignment Lertain IV)

P-Smile - CEO Lieutenant Peter Holland (USS Hades)

S-Hair - CO Captain Eva Straton (USS Hades)

S-Royal or Sash - Captain Devan Sash (Deceased, formerly of the USS Hades)

T-Tall - ATAC Ensign jg Tallac Dragovar (USS Hades)

Z-Bear - Theoretical Engineer Lieutenant Commander Zzt (USS Hades)


General Notes

Arysha is a member of the Atrean species. She was born on a Federation Space Station after her parents had fled their home planet Atrea. The planet's magma core was found to be cooling and many people fled the planet. Most returned following the help the Enterprise-D provided Drs. Pran and Juliana Tainer that reliquified the core, but Canek and Timil Tethlin were engineering scientists and interested in working with the Federation elsewhere.

Arysha's parents chose to explore the Galaxy and Arysha was born during an extended stay on Science Station Tango Sierra, where her parents were working as scientists at the time.

Arysha looks like a typical Atrean, and the only thing that one would see in looking at her is that she wears a pair of black gloves that shimmer in the light as her hands move. She also wears what appears to be a pair of silver framed glasses. Both these items are essential for Arysha to get through day to day life. The glasses provide her with a realtime textual translation of speech and other pertinent information around her. The gloves provide a realtime translation that is vocalized by a vox when she communicates. Arysha is completely Deaf and uses Sign Language to communicate, the vox she wears translates her language almost literally - thus, most of the time she "speaks" Federation Standard but the syntax is similar to a Latin-based Earth sign language colloquially known as ASL.

Notes from former CEOs:

Ensign junior grade Tethlin is competent in her field, but not suitable for advancement beyond her current rank and specialty. ~CEO Norman Harper

Arysha is a solid coding engineer, but lacks the drive and initiative for advancement. ~CEO Darla Wright

Note from CTAC Lo'ren T'Vof: Arysha is a unique individual with an active mind, with the right encouragement I believe she could be a formidable officer.



Service Awards

Academy Awards

Ranks Achieved



This Character created by Lori Winterhoff