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Ensign Anna Morgan
Anna Morgan
Name: Anna Morgan
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Birthplace: New Berlin, Luna
Species: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Long Brown
Height: 5 foot 5
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: White
Current rank: Ensign
Current Position: Engineer
Assignment: USS Epiphany
The USS Epiphany
Status: Inactive

Physical Description:

Anna is a very lovely woman of Italian descent. She has lovely long brownish red hair that reaches the middle of her back. She has lovely doe's eyes of a rich brown color, full lips and a fairly athletic build


Anna is the youngest of two children. She has a brother named Cecile, who is a Lieutenant currently serving as a tactical officer aboard the USS Gresham, an Akira Class Starship. Her Mother's name is Olea Morgan and she is a professional vocal performer and musician. Her Father Dale Morgan is a Retired Starfleet Captain, previously commanding the USS Pravda (Truth), A Sovereign Class Starship. He was assigned to the 1st Mars Defense Fleet assigned to the defense of Sector 001. After the end of the Federation Civil War he resigned his commission and became an Independant Dilithium freighter Captain.


Anna is well educated. She studied dance and materials engineering in College and is an excellent dancer. She also plays the violin. She speaks four languages; Hindi, Standard, Vulcan, and Andorian. She studied warp theory at Oxford University in England, and a two-year course in advanced propulsion engineering on Tellar.

Pre Starfleet:

Anna had a jeweled life. She spent much of her childhood aboard federation starships, exploring various ports of call and expanding her understanding of the universe. Her Family is very close. Anna had a fabulous childhood full of love and support from her parents. They encouraged her in a multitude of projects, including music, dance and languages.


Anamitra graduated from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 2391.01.10. She was assigned as a Junior engineering officer aboard the USS Epiphany on stardate 2391.03.06. On stardate 2391.06.15 the Epiphany went missing with all hands. It was declared lost, presumably destroyed a little over a year later.


Ana had all the normal childhood sickness and has recovered from them all without incident. She was seriously injured during a Hur'q raid that took place five years after the Epiphany arrived aboard The Harvester. She was rescued by the Nechani and became an acolyte engineer aboard their ship the NSS Oracle's Tears.


Anna was an accomplished dancer and enjoyed all sorts of styles of dancing. She particularly enjoyed Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancing, Ballet and Swing Dancing. She also plays the Violin.


Ana is an excellent engineer and linguist. She is a quick study and is always willing to learn something new. She loves culture of all sorts and absorbs odd facts as a result of her eclectic interests. She is compassionate and strongly opinionated. She is a capable shuttle pilot, as a result of years of operation growing up. She is not shy and usually makes friends easily.


Anna spent only three months in Starfleet service aboard the USS Epiphany, before the ship encountered an unstable wormhole which depositied that vessel inside the Tau Sigma Sector of the Beta Quadrant. This area of space is characterized by a terminus of the Subspace River, and the Beltanis Stellar Nursery.

The Epiphany encountered an Alien probe called The Harvester which transported them inside the vessel into a portion called the bone yard. there they encountered the Hur'q, Nechani, Sky Spirits, Hunters and Kobali.

As time passed, things went from bad to worse as the ship began to degrade alongside disipline. Eventually, there was a mutiny by some of the disaffected members of the ship's crew. A Naive Anna had unwittingly participated when she refused to 'take sides' making her guilty of Mutiny by association through her inaction.

Later she was injured during a Hur'q raid. She survived only because of Nechani intervention. She became a member of the nechani crew when it was determined that the Epiphany's crew were all gone.

She adopted the Nechani religion and became an Acolyte Engineer. She served aboard the Nechani starship NSS Oracle's tears.

When the USS Rosenante was captured in 2408 by The Harvester, she was asked to act as an Ambassador on the behalf of the Nechani and their allies.

Awards and Commendations:



Anna Morgan made an appearance in the Rosenante Mission : Fields of Elysium